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Posted by Steve on October 06, 1999 at 21:00:13:

In Reply to: ANIMATION AND PHOTOSHOP posted by SNAKEBITE on October 05, 1999 at 14:20:32:

Hey everybody. I'm new here. Jon told me a bit about this place, and I figured I'd poke my head in.

I'm very curious about this Photoshop 5.5...I've been thinking about getting a digital pencil test system for doing my personal films at home. I'm really only interested in a pencil test system that uses a camera, not a scanner. I know from experience that Take2 for Amiga does what I want, albeit in an unfinished format, and doesn't support more than 4 levels at a time. AXA's penciltest system sounds very promising. It has unlimited levels, uses a vectorized line (so I don't have to worry about scanning at specific fields if I want camera moves later), and incorporates audio (as does Take2).

My biggest beef with Photoshop is that I'm not convinced that Adobe knows what they're doing when it comes to animation. PShop is geared mainly for photo-retouching and chroma-keying. I realize many web and CD-ROM kiddie game companies (I've worked for a couple of them) use it to make their animations, and at the time, it couldn't have been a more backwards system to use. Granted, that could have changed with this new upgrade...I haven't seen it so I won't pass judgement on 5.5.

Another problem is you mention incorporating it with After Effects. I'm already sensing a $1200 bill for software packages that weren't designed to handle animation in a 'native' environment. I know I could get the entire Take2 system (granted, it's just pencil test) hardware and all for that kind of money, or I could get the home version of AXA (complete with paint mode and camera moves)for that money...

To recap after all that long-windedness and aimless rambling: Is Photoshop 5.5 really going to deliver an animation package that a feature-animator (or tv/commercial animator, for that matter) is going to be able to use (i.e. camera moves, auto-fill ink and paint modes, x-sheeting which incorporates track, etc), or are they just making an official package for all of the CD-ROM companies out there that have been using it for a hack?

Thanks in advance for your time.


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