Re: Humor has nothing to do with cartoons.

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Posted by DerSnakenMilkenGuy on September 30, 1999 at 12:36:24:

In Reply to: Re: Humor has nothing to do with cartoons. posted by Charles on September 30, 1999 at 00:29:43:

: For accuracies sake, the correct text of the message that you quoted was "little person", not little man.

Ahhh. Less sexist.

: Secondly, I happen to be familiar with the true identity of Mr. Snakebite. I know this man and I took personal offense at what you had said to him.

Kind of a defensive psture. Your board, your way. I understand.

He's not a troll. Take my word for it. You wouldn't want to make some of those remarks about him to his face.

So in that case he REALLY meant "little person".

: He is a very clear headed, motivated, generous and extremely talented individual with a fantastic spirit. He is accomplished in animation by virtue of his association with the award winning "Kampung Boy" series.

Neva seen it.

He is directly occupied in helping the new era evolve. His posts aren't a bunch of meaningless jabberings.

Well, sorry, to mje they were. See you know him. I dont.

If you knew the guy, you'd understand that it was a shout of enthusiasm about the endeavor he's involved with.


:He wants to encourage and empower other artists with the truth about what he knows, what he's witnessing, what will be and what he is engaged in creating.

Phhhhhhhhph! Hey, great Dont let me rain on his parade.

: Here you are, calling him a "troll", assuming that he has acne, calling him a coke addict, comparing his words to a Hitler speech...

HAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Pretty funny huh. Kind of like calling the Pope "SATAN" then isn't it.

:What kind of respect do you think I'm going to have for you and what you have to say?

What kind of respect was I asking for ?

Someone calls you little, assumes you're a teenager because of the absurdity of your postion and the immaturity with which you attacked this man, and I have to delete his words right away?

Hey now. Yer gettin personal BUB! Though I'm teen like in my LUST fer life I'm as mature as they come. Got a hairy chest and everything. Wink Wink.

: Snakebite never insulted you.

Depends what you consider an insult.

:You weren't coming off like you wanted to lighten things up and have some fun. You were genuinely hostile and overeacted.

PHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Like everyone shrunk down in their chairs going "oh my god, SnakeBites a coke addict"!!!!! Lighten up.

: Listen. I'm really busy. I don't want to spend time cleaning up the board. AnimationNation is important. Lots of people are reading this stuff. I'm letting it happen like performance art.


:You're not helping out by attacking a friend of mine who's great sin was to type in caps.

And he stopped. I won . I won. Can I take the pajama bottoms off my head now. The elastic band is giving me a headache.

: Everything is cool, brotha. I'll get rid of the derogatory words aimed at you. Just give me some breathing room and give me a break, will ya?

: Peace, mama jama milka bro.

Cool.Peace baby!

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