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Posted by Dave on March 24, 1999 at 19:42:05:

In Reply to: Re: In general posted by Cigarettes on March 23, 1999 at 17:35:06:

: I'm an unemployed artist I know the shit that's going down. The amount of "good" executives that
: Dave Brewster talks about is far outweighed by the idiots who are helping destroy the fatted calf that is
: animation. I know of very few artists who can maintain any creative presence outside of work because they're forced
: to work like dogs at their day job.

: It's true that artists are part of the problem...they'll sell each other out. If anything will change, it
: will be because more artists will STOP going with the system of underscoring other artists.

: Cigarettes

I can say that sometimes as artists we tend to treat execs with animosity because they have come up short in knowledge of what we do . The fact that they donít have our perspective of the job can lead to us to feeling that we have a right to haul of and personally attack them. That is not always true. They are people too, Just like us. I really hope that when you get ready to attack that you know for a fact they deserve it.
Authority is a hard thing to use fairly and with equal justice to begin with, even for us artists (as Steve mentioned). Personally I reserve my ire for execs or managers that have absolutely no empathy for people outside of themselves. Ones that put the crew through incredible pain just because they are too proud or to selfish to learn their job. Managers that envy anyone creative and set up constant power showdowns to beat someone into submission. I think you will find them fewer than you think. Itís just the obvious effect is much more devistating.

I worked at a company that had a terrible political problem that was going to damage our chances of doing even a half decent job on this film. . We tried to meet with the artists just like this to discuss it. None of the other artists wanted to even talk about it. They feared for their jobs and did not want to rock the boat. I do not blame them, they could not see the train coming. Itís hard to ask someone to raise a voice when they donít see what you do. I donít even know if they could have grasped it if they would have but I hope that would have changed things. I quit the job knowing what was to come. I donít feel smart or better at all. I feel terrible. Most of these artists were my friends and watching it actually happen was horrible.

To finish ,I can say that what we really need to do is teach ourselves what effect the producer attacking the director behind his back will have. That exectives not supporting the creative people they hire is unacceptable. That when you remain silent you condemn yourself to the hell even though it may seem the safe thing to do. In the end we are just as responsible as them for allowing it to happen. Iím sorry but we are. We owe it to ourselves to think beyond the moment and participate in our own justice. That is just my opinion.

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