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Posted by Charles on August 26, 1999 at 20:01:05:

In Reply to: Re: Global Economy posted by Jon on August 26, 1999 at 17:55:20:

You make a good point with your Third World comparison, one that's difficult to argue with, but if people don't organize and plan appropriately for a future scenario based on what's happening now, the gap between the so-called third, second and first worlds may eventually disappear. And not for the better.

I came across an exerpt from a book a friend of mine was reading the other day that had an interesting projection. According to the author, if current economic trends hold, then by the year 2070, the average working person's salary in the U.S. will be minimum wage.

I don't subscribe to the doom and gloom mindset, but my realm of experince is what's happening in Los Angeles. The situation in Chicago, New York, Toronto, or Podunk Iowa may be the same or different, but I can only approach this issue based upon what I've seen going on around here for many years.

This very afternoon, an artist was talking to me about a Union vote coming up soon at a non-union studio he's been working at. Management is feeding the artists the same ol' worn out line. "Gee guys, we really can't afford to have you go Union. We'll have to eventually shut down or send the work to Canada in order to stay in business." All the while, they travel first class, stay at the finest hotels on business trips, spend whatever they have to spend on buying the finest furniture for their offices, and continue to suppress the professionals who make their extravagence possible. It's their blatant hypocrisy that is making even the most stalwart anti-unionists vote the other way.

At another major studio in L.A., the entire creative production staff has been gradually laied off. Now every single artist that they have working for them is a freelancer. Everyone else in management at that studio is still gainfully employed.

This is unnaceptable. It's completely out of hand. The artists here in L.A. have every right to be upset and intolerant without apologizing to anyone for the way they feel. Global economy or not, these executives, this system, this mentality as far as animation is concerned has got to go.

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