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Posted by BOSCO on August 16, 1999 at 12:28:18:

In Reply to: sharpen ye olde axe! posted by Charles on August 16, 1999 at 02:13:24:

I urge evryone to get a hold of the previously mentioned Sunday Daily News article.
remember, the newsworthy topic is not how artists have 'been done wrong' but rather how
could so much potential success have been seriously mishandled.

the argument about the public investors in my first editorial was to prove the point that this
"industry" suffers from a large, cancerous tumor called middle management. these are
people under salary, who have nothing to gain or lose by "super success". in fact, the very
nature of slowly bringing in just enough business supports their cause......for these people,
the process is much more important than the product and the degree of success it generates.

the public investor or financiers care more about the bottom line....very much like the
private businessman/animation producer of the 1940's. they invest money to get more by
entrusting their investment with 'professionals'.

unfortunately, this is not a symptom of the animation industry solely......almost every facet
of big industry suffers from this. its just a damn shame to see it in our own backyards. the
funny thing about this symptom, is that history has shown there always was a 'trailblazer'
that set up the success from which the middle management parasite feeds. the ultimate
case study of this has to be the Walt Disney Company. infact, if Walt were alive and still
at the company today he'd probably get fired for all his 'hair-brained, artist ideas'!!!

as far as Animation Magazine, I wouldn't look for any support there. it's owned by a
studio executive who would surely rather grease the wheels of commerce than tout the
creative side of this business. how many articles have we seen with obnoxious headlines
such as, The Power People in Animation and People on the Move? does anyone other
than studio executives care wheather or not Joe Blow the Marketing Exec is moving from
Warners to Disney? i simply don't understand why the magazine name isn't changed to
Animation Management Gazette or Varety: The Animation Edition.

as time marches forward, it appears that the sacrifice of Iron Giant will surly cause a stir
up in the way management handles its product and their creators. should the film be pulled
from theaters within the next two weeks, it might break even with home video sales. the
more this is touted as a blunder, the more light will be shone on this serious problem.

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