the REAL reason "The Iron Giant" isn't doing well.........

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Posted by felipe cerdán on August 12, 1999 at 21:07:30:

sad isn't it?

there are really no words to describe the feeling in the air during the day of the premeire of "The Iron Giant". we were all dancing around, hugging people, giving each other high fives and so on. we knew we had something special to show the world. opening weekend couldn't arrive fast enough for us......

after the first weekend results many of us were completely shocked. there is really only one reason for the disturbing box office results for "The Iron Giant". the post before mine had some interesting and imaginative reasons for why the movie has not done well, "but they keep...missing...the target"!! it has nothing to do with the story being mature in nature or not having a romantic element. nor has it to due to an annoying sidekick spewing out butt jokes, or that the "masses are stupider than we think". it is due to the anemic marketing campaign put out by Warner Bros, who have now gained a reputation for shunning spectacular work, such as "LA Confidential" and "Cats Don't Dance", while forking out the big bucks for schlock such as "Deep Blue Sea" and "Wild Wild West". if ever there was a need for an overhaul in a department, well, enough said.

Warner Bros. never had any faith in this film or our feature animation studio. quite frankly, they really could care less if the feature studio goes under, ted "i want to own the world" turner has said as much. it was never their "baby" and they resent this fact. they let Brad Bird work this film without input so that they could slash the budget on this film. letting him have creative control without controlling their pocketbook. the movie was finished with half the crew, half the budget and in half the time of other animated features. now that the movie has been released to rave reviews, these so called studio execs are eating some serious crow. it is a great film, and it's one that became so without their mindless committees or without any input from the Jon Peters of the world ( hell, if he'd been involved we'd probably would have had to change the title to "The Iron Tarantula", inside joke for those who know ). the trailers are terrible, they make the film seem silly and childish, and in essence only for children. Brad Bird had actually cut a trailer that not only was more mature themed in nature, but was quite suspenseful and entertaining as well, a trailer that "The Iron Giant" live up to i exceedingly good proportions. the tv commercials are equally as horrible and do a great injustice to the film. just the one ad with the Scorpion's "Rock You Like a Hurricane" almost brought me to tears because it was so retched. this has broken many hearts of the people who worked on the film and especially one particular director.......

so without going any further into the matter, and getting myself more depressed by the minute, spread the word on "The Iron Giant". it is a great film, one that deserves the recognition. it's a movie that has a lot of heart and soul poured into it and we'd like to share it with all. the reason that we want it to do so well is not just for a nice box office share ( which would be great ), but this would show the industry that there are other outlets for animation. the artform in itself would finally expand. if this film dies, so does the chance having another animated film created in a "non-Disney formula". the suits will roll back their eyes and say, "i told you so" and we'll get more schlock like "Quest for Camelot".

am i making this a cause, "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I AM"!! ANYONE WHO IS INVOLVED IN THIS AND DOESN'T THINK SO SHOULD REALLY THINK TWICE ABOUT STAYING IN THIS INDUSTRY. SO, WHY MAKE THIS A CAUSE?! if this film goes under, animation as an artform is doomed to mediocrity. animation is not for selling merchandise or babysitting your kids. it began as an ARTFORM ladies and gentlemen, isn't that why most of us entered this field? i know i did. I LOVE film and i LOVE animation. i want to see the two finally meld together to produce beautiful films for all to see.

tell your friends, take your kids, bring your parents, talk to your neighbors about it, tell your bartender, yell it from the mountaintop, email your cousin in yonkers. just spread the word and make them believe.


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