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Posted by Jon on August 12, 1999 at 12:05:09:

OK, so I forwarded the e-mail to everybody I knew.

Here's what it's going to come down to. The animation community (all, what, 72 of us?) will drag its family and friends out to the theatres (and they'll love it, despite being slightly afraid that somebody is making a CAUSE out of a freaking movie), Iron Giant will post an extra $10,000 at the box office, giving it a grand total of $4 million for its second week. WB top brass will yank it and send it to video release. People will eventually find out how great it is.

In the mean time, there will be meetings.

"People just don't go for Giants."

"I TOLD you we should have made it CURRENT, instead set back in the 50's. NOBODY wants the 50's anymore."

"It wasn't urban enough."

"Who did the market research on this one? They should be hung."

"Somebody's gonna die for this, I swear ..."

"Listen, I TELL you, ALL they needed was that Jamaican parrot I was talking about, just GIVE the kid a freaking PARROT!"

"Iron is too ... 20th century. We're looking into the next millenium, boys. It should have been The Beryllium Giant, baby. You know, for the next millenium ..."

"Look guys, let's face it: NOBODY makes animated features like Disney. We need to stick to what we're good at. Anybody know what Dell shares are going for these days?"

In my last posting, maybe I missed a possibility: D. The masses are stupider than we think.

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