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Posted by Dave Brewster on August 02, 1999 at 04:04:16:

In Reply to: Dreamwork's "Spirit" posted by Karl on August 01, 1999 at 22:20:08:

: Just curious what people know about this film. How come everyone seems to be jumping ship?

Nobody is jumping ship. The last three years have been very heavy drawing . I had at first agreed to do Spirit but then around January I started to feel the need to do something more cartoonie. None of us had expected ElDorado to go on this long and frankly the heavy construction ahead on Spirit was looking less and less appealing. I wanted to do something a little more abstract and less serious (I whined at Jeffrey constantly in other words). They wanted a smaller crew for Spirit so it worked out fine. We agreed to deal over the next picture (I'm not patient to sit in a corner developing for a feature 2 years away) and I could go off and play.

You should also know that DW has shared artists with WB for sometime now. We had some of the Iron Giant crew on ElDorado. Plans in the future I think will involve the same kind of crew share when needed. It helps both companies (also it helps to give the artists a wider variety of work).

:Is it good, bad?

Myself, from what I've seen it looks very good. I like the approach very much and if this was a year ago I would have loved to work on it. It wont be easy but it's not too scary. It just will involve a lot of study. If your into that it will be great and they have a great crew. Really amazing.

: What about the rumors about Dreamworks only doing 2 or 3 more films and then closing down shop? I know some people who post here may have the low down on this. Just curious, thanks.

First I've heard of it. I think they are mistaking the development already planned as being the end of development. It would be crazy to plan farther than three pictures ahead. All of them are being developed as we speak so I don't know exactly how many features a company can afford to develop at a time but three seems plenty.
Rumors are always flying so take it with a grain of salt. Frankly POE took up a bit to much time so Eldorados schedule got screwed up. In truth ElDorado was produced in exactly the right time (it would have been early if not for POE) so the panic was only because of that. Feel safe that DW is strong and heading into the next film just as aggressively as before. I think ElDorado is just fine now and we all are breathing easier. The next film will not be as taxing script wise as ElDorado was and is much more straight forward . The bumps promise not to be as severe. Heck, DW is only starting the third film. I think everyone feels pretty confident.

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