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Posted by Mr Incredible- GO SEE IRON GIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on July 06, 1999 at 23:58:52:

In Reply to: Executive Creativity posted by Charles on July 06, 1999 at 16:42:10:

: This is something from the Union's latest newsletter.

: After Warner Brothers announced its animated adventure "Osmosis Jones", it's been reported that Disney approved development of their own microscopic movie called "Germs" to be done ASAP by their Australian division.

Funny, isn't it. I like it. For the first time Disney sees Warners as a threat. Thank you Iron Giant.

: Let's see... first there was a computer animated feature from Dreamworks called "Antz", followed by Disney's "A Bug's Life".

Wasn't Antz that the film that Lasseter said was a copy of The Three Amigos , er, I mean A Bugs Life ?

: Currently, Dreamworks has an Aztec themed feature in production called "Eldorado" while Disney has an Inca feature entitled "Kingdom of the Sun".

Man, we screwed up the story just as bad as Kingdom and we will still beat them out. Weird. Now that is freaky.

: Following these movies, Dreamworks has a feature lined up called "Spirit" about the American West told through the perspective of wild horses. Disney has one called either "Biting Bullets" or "Sweating Bullets", I'm not sure, about the American West told through the perspective of range cattle.

Hehehehehe. Range cattle, why that is almost as bad as a nontalking horse. Heehhehmmmm, hey, we are doing Spirit with horses. Nevermind. Oh and it's "Sweating". By the way, I'm tired of waiting for Treasure Planet.

: Is it just me, or is there a pattern here?

Let me examine the charts, Incas, Aztecs, Horse, Cow, Ants, Bugs, Cells, Germs. You are correct sir.

: Gee willikers, Mr. Animation Executives... Don't you think this is kind of stupid?

Shhhh. They love it. Stupid is their thing.

::I mean, I know how important you all are and how the planet earth waits with eager anticipation to see which direction you are going to lead humanity, but I fail to see the thinking behind this kind of long term planning for animation.

You do ? They say never go beyond intellectual the capacity of your lowest common denominator.Execs in other words.

: I know that it's not the place of humble animation artists to question the integrity of your wisdom, but couldn't this copy cat mentality be just a little unhealthy for this industry?

The word you are looking for is "suicide".

You've all identified the frangmentation of the market as a problem. I just don't see this as a solution, do you? Well, you must if this is what you're doing.

Look Charles, all you need is somebody SNOWBOARDING through trees. The kids will love it.

: Forgive me for second guessing you, your omnipotent highnesses. May I suggest loosening your ties just a little bit. It's a proven medical fact that lack of oxygen causes brain damage, especially in the areas responsible for logical thinking, creativity and problem solving. God knows, we need that gray matter of yours in top operating condition, if it's possible.

I was going to suggest tightening the tie, really really tight but it might interfere with all the cocaine they snorted.

: Anyway, best of luck! We're all keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that the damage you may do is not irreperable.

Kill joy.

: Who knows. Maybe this is a good thing. The more original animation that's going on, the more you'll be inclined to copy it, the more work to go around. Why don't you schedule a meeting to talk about this. Don't forget to stick to your tradition and keep animation artists from attending.

Please, it's hard enough to endure listening to all the ass kissing let alone watch it.

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