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Posted by Jon on June 28, 1999 at 07:29:56:

In Reply to: Re: Execs in Training posted by Brian Mitchell on June 28, 1999 at 05:40:34:

Brian, you may have read a certain intonation into my message that wasn't there when I typed it. StarToons has a few flunkies, like any company, but, no, I trust my business matters to someone who enjoys dealing with that stuff. And I only intervene when I see him/her heading in the wrong direction. I KNOW i don't want to have to do that stuff 40 hours a week.

Anyway, I believe you and I are totally on the same page. I think you have the advantage, in this forum, of having walked in the same moccasins. You have experienced the LA frustration first-hand, and I haven't (so far, by choice).

I REALLY like your idea of TRAINING execs. Start 'em as production interns or something. Let them earn their way up. Maybe even give them tests.

Of course, to DO this, one of US has to be in charge. Disney succeeded exactly because of the balance you cited. Even Walt became persuaded of artistic waste. But he never let "the tail wag the dog." Artistic integrity was the driving force behind his organization (when HE was around, anyway). He is THE great example of a successful animator-owned studio, and frankly, his legacy stands head & shoulders above any of the money-driven studios.

But he had to have viability. And I think Roy might have objected to the notion that any flunky could do his work. Which is your point, too.

The Great Problem with animator-owned studios, as I see it, is the animosity that currently exists between artists and execs - BECAUSE the execs control the destiny. StarToons' biggest problem over its 11-year history has been a lack of schmooze power. The quality of our work is only a passing reference in executive conversations. A nicety. Not a driving force ... because artistic integrity is a WHOLE 'NOTHER language, Greek to them. They want to talk deals, not art.

SO far (I think) the catapults and ballistas have proven ineffective on their walls. My plan is to learn their language, infiltrate their ranks, slip them some poison, and then open the gates.

I'd love commenst on our "Final Exam," (click on the URL below) from those readers who have the time.

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