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Posted by Mr.Incredible. on June 27, 1999 at 17:57:20:

In Reply to: Obsolete dinosaurs posted by Jon on June 26, 1999 at 13:02:44:

: Just for the sake of discussion, and at the risk of being attacked again as an evil outsider,


: doesn't it behoove us to allow for animation executives as having legitimate functions?

. I suppose we could use them for car trunk weight when it snows (heheheheehe, just joking) (bet the lawyers like seeing someone else get it for once). Look. The problem isn't ALL execs. It isn't everyone to blame. The problem is that the Quest cost around 160 million . WHY!!!!!!!!!!! I'll tell you Jon I was making half of what I make normally (I really wanted to work for Kroyer) , the crew was ALL trainees (so that they wouldn't have to pay them real wages). When Kroyer found he was unable to get them to let him just direct and he was being undercut by the producer (Oh yes you did Frank, remember you walking around telling everyoner this WASNT KROYERS FILM) , he left.

There I am with a novice replacement director Fredrick (who can't even time boards) and a producer who cant understand that he ISNT the director. The management to that point was full of indecision. 4 outside studios sat being paid to wait while they decided on voices, story etc etc. Not counting one in London that Russel sat piddling around frustrated by the wait.

A good exec would have released all the extra crew and totally shut down while the lot found a good director and got all the story details and voice casting worked out. They were carrying massive overhead (just like in the Space Jam mess). Even a simplton like myself knew this couldn't recoup the money they were spending.

Speaking of I hear someone is writing a book on the Quest. I also hear that the execs spent a million dollars in one day and had no problem with spending 60,000 a day on trips. I look forward to the book.

: I mean, as far as needing someone to coordinate, oversee the business aspect, etc?

Now that is where you and I have our little split. Yes, you need a good accountant. Someone with enough knowledge of film to know money is going to the right place. Problem is, that isn't all they want. They want control of EVERYTHING. That is a minor problem unless you hire hand puppets to make a film.

: Let's say all the suits died tomorrow

(Loud laughing).

(here, here, you say). Then we find some animator who wouldn't be better employed drawing, and put him in charge of all that stuff. And he does an outstanding job! Spectacular business savvy. An eye to the future. Juggling funds like a master. Arranging for payments to the studio, payroll, insurance on the film, etc. AND ... not only sensitive to artistic demands, as an ex-animator, he actually anticipates them. He plans well, executes well, and has the confidence of the artistic team.

: So doesn't that guy end up being a GOOD exec?

Yes. Sure, but you are siting someone who actually understands what is being done and what the job they are doing is. There are execs WITHOUT that kind of background that know the job. It isn't required to be an animator (though it might help) but it is required that they understand more than an accounting sheet. It's my theory that good executives are people who are more interested in filmaking and less trying to be Jeffery (who is really one of a kind).

: And isn't that really what we all want?


: But once he gets that label (as an exec), would he retain your loyalty?

Loyalty is earned by deeds.

: Or, simply because he has changed functions, would he become a hated outcast? Or should we just vote on all that stuff?

Hate is earned by deeds.

: We shouldn't get too distraught about misinformation in the media (nor too elated about good words from Roger Ebert). Bad press comes and goes. You know that, Charles.

The article was an attempt to create reality. The truth is that costs are predetermined by the company. The question they all keep asking is " Do we need Glenn Keane". The answer is simple. Hire trhe people you need. Warners did better on IG because they had a REAL director and a well trained upper artistic staff (not to mention they ICED all the execs).
Disney and DreamWorks will ALWAYS be letting people go. Kingdom of the Sun was shutdown because the story wasn't right (now I wonder who takes that responsability , could it be SATAN ?) so they let go of the staff. Eldorado overhired to try and make up for story mistakes (now I wonder who takes that responsability , could it be SATAN ?) so they will let go the overhired staff.

In reality the money will still remain determined by the companies sense of need for that individual.Not by a market. Cost is all our responsability but it is only in the hands of the actual company to control it. They are the only ones with the real numbers.

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