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Posted by Charles on June 26, 1999 at 20:44:16:

In Reply to: Obsolete dinosaurs posted by Jon on June 26, 1999 at 13:02:44:

You've got to be out here and work under them Jon, to appreciate the sentiments that so many of us feel and express on this site.

You are correct in your description of the good exec, but in the reality of animation production in L.A., it's not possible as things now stand. What you're describing is a series of administrative and managerial support functions that any half way decent business administrator should and could routinely do. But it's support. The people who should be supporting the production experience rule out here. Which is why the situation is so out of whack and why more and more of us are losing any vestige of respect for them.

In the L.A. Times article, Robert Daly of Warner's admitted his mistake of hiring 400 animation artists before he even knew what the studio was going to do. What kind of administrative excellence is this? How come this guy still has his job? Why are animation artists suddenly at fault for this? No one put a gun to this man's head and said "hire us at premium wages or else". Animation artists are not the culprits for the problems within the industry, but that's the way these jokers want to portray it.

The truth is Jon, that these guys suck at their work. They do not come from animation, they aren't experienced in animation yet they produce, they can't draw, they don't know what they are looking at yet they art direct, etc., etc., etc. Given this scenario, is it any surprise that there are problems with production budgets?

More and more animation artists are becoming fed up with them and this propaganda garbage that they spew. Animation artists shouldn't have to apologize for being animation artists. There is nothing wrong with animation artists working in a studio with security as long as their work is outstanding and continues to generate income for that studio. Animation artists have an inherent right to prosperity by virtue of the excellence of their work within their own industry. Much more of a right than any non-creative, pseudo producing phoney who continues to suppress artists for his or her own exclusive gain and the gain of their non-creative managerial support staff.

The responsibilities you described are all functions that can easily be carried out by hired hands. To have these people dominate us and rule over our lives, careers, our art and our industry simply because they can handle payroll and file papers is simply outrageous.

I say this with all due respect to you. I'm confident that my bravado won't be construed as personal hostility.

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