Re: Anonimouse. Or what nonunion bosses say to each other.

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Posted by Tinkerbell on June 11, 1999 at 12:44:23:

In Reply to: Anonimouse. Or what nonunion bosses say to each other. posted by Dave on June 10, 1999 at 13:25:30:

: You would lose in a debate on this, the Canadian government had socialist undertones in it's begininngs but there is no longer any basis for that conclusion.If you are trying to say that socialized medicine somehow makes it unfit in a free enterprise system I'll debate you on that. For example, my brother in law has a serious back problem and has been unable to get it fixed with surgery because there are no hospital beds and no hospitals. Thanks to our conservatives (republicans). In fact, I would say he has a better chance of being treated for free here in the US than in Canada. Any time you want to go a few rounds on this. Feel free. Socialist, BAH!
Canada delineates no constitutional right to private property. If the people don't own their property, then the government can exercise emminent domain whenever they decide it's in the common good and appropriate the property. If that isn't socialism, what is? The government sets the rates that doctors can charge their patients. If that's not socialism, what is? The govt. nationalizes any industry they choose (health care, the petroleum industry to name a couple), based on perceived benefit to the common good. If that's not socialism, what is? I'm sorry about your brother in law; my father's been on a waiting list for two knee replacements for two years. But when you make something free, there becomes an unlimited demand for it. The real costs of the Canadian health care system are hidden in the form of high taxes and govt. debt.

: NONE!!!! I'm really tired of you bringing up this. If you have any proof post it otherwise stop trying to convince everyone there is some conspiracy. Anonimouse seems to think you back your self with *evidence*. Lets see it.

Remember the Canadian content laws? You are eligible for special handouts from the Canadian govt. if key members of your production are Canadian. This is true for TV, movie and music. The Canadian govt. was also providing huge tax incentives to attract TV and Film production to Canada. I don't know for a fact that this is still going on, but assuming Jon has had his business for the last five years or more, he would've conceivably had to bid against companies being offered those advantages.
: Next I expect to hear that animators get mail in rebates for every foot of American animation they do. What crap.
: Tell you what Jon, I will list all the things I've done for free, animation for freinds, work on projects for no cash or recognition whatsover, time I spent, equiptment I've lent, connections I've made, references I've given. No money. Again, you dont know a damn thing about any of us. I'm getting tired of you sitting back and making summations of who we are without knowing anything about us. . It's your greatest flaw.It makes you blind.

Why do you assume he's talking about you? Guilty conscience? If you contend that every one in the animation industry has an impeccable work ethic you're wrong! That doesn't mean everyone has to be a slacker for Jon's contentions to be true. I just had someone offer to work Saturday for free because we lost a day's work to faulty equipment. Not her fault in any way! She just knows the extremely tight budget on this project. Some people like her, are willing to do anything! But for every one of her, there are ten people wandering in at 10AM, 11AM then taking a two hour lunch. But watch 'em bolt out the door at six!

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