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Posted by Dave on June 10, 1999 at 03:29:14:

In Reply to: Bye Jon. posted by Dave on June 10, 1999 at 03:13:17:

: : By the way, "Anonymous," I disagree with Dave (among other things) that we aren't trying to change each other's minds. I know I was definitely trying to change his.

Much like a dirty diaper.

: Of the people who use this forum to change people's minds there are at one extreme- those who try to cow dissenters by slinging epithets and making ad hominem attacks

You mean, like *people who think the world owes them a paycheck* ? And these people do these things under false names. Even worse dont you think ?

; and at the other end people who express an opinion and then support it with evidence.

Boy, Id sure love to see that. Bloody shoes or perhaps the actual smoking gun ? Funny, I havent seen a thing like that.

: I find myself in bigot-like fashion repulsed by the former and drawn to the latter.

The mirrors in your home must be few then.

: I generally agree with your assessments, although in one of your posts you seem to be in favor of government money being used to support animation, something I'm philosophically opposed to.

Uh, no I think he was accusing of Canadian government of supporting Canadian companies, something he had none of the *latter* to support.

: : But this whole exercise seems to have generated more heat than light. I withdraw from the field, confused about Dave's perception of things. However, I know not to confuse him with anybody else there, nor to suggest any cross-over between the feature community and the TV community, nor to even suggest that the union has anything to do with the problem. Oh, and even though he can address us as Tinkerbell or condescending, I better not use adjectives like "smug" or "jaded."

: It was a pleasure to hear your thoughts on the more substantive matters discussed here. Sorry you're choosing to withdraw. If I ever learn how to do e-frickin-mail( dag-blasted computer thingies!) I'll e-mail you.

It is sad. I like Jon despite our different views.

: : StarToons will keep on pushing for more American TV animation production. If anybody else is interested, they know where to reach us, if need be. I could care less about having the last word. I do appreciate your defense.

: If I can ever send work your way, it will be my pleasure to do so. If I'm ever in Chicago, I'll buy you a beer or two!

Try the straw and aspirin. It will save having to drink a lot. Trust me, I know.

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