Bye Jon.

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Posted by Dave on June 10, 1999 at 03:13:17:

: By the way, "Anonymous," I disagree with Dave (among other things)

And you are welcome to disagree. AMERICA!!!!!! Isnít it wonderful ?

:that we aren't trying to change each other's minds. I know I was definitely trying to change his.

Ha , you assumed I had a mind to change. Kind of a compliment really. But Jon, to change a persons mind with something other than force requires letting them take your words and coming to their own conclusion. The end result has to be accepted no matter which way they fall.

: But this whole exercise seems to have generated more heat than light.

If you withdraw now. In that case you are letting the minor heat generated end it.

: I withdraw from the field, confused about Dave's perception of things.

Funny, but I am not confused about yours.

: However, I know not to confuse him with anybody else there

Hey, thanks. Iíll do the same for you.

:, nor to suggest any cross-over between the feature community

Hmmm, 10 ft a week compared to 200 ft a week , one has 2 years to work on one film, the other puts out a half hour every few weeks, one is done by contract, the other by footage, one uses cartoon gags hung on a loose story, the other has to develope some kind of a plot line that holds for 70 minutes etc, etc. There is cross over but you get a shot at doing more animtion over all, if I get a bad film, it lasts for eternity (or two years). Not to mention the costs. Yeah, they are exactly the same.

: and the TV community, nor to even suggest that the union has anything to do with the problem.

Well. That is opinion isnít it. You have now entered the realm of business Jon. Tell me, did the auto workers keep production here ? Hows that Mexican plant doing ? Unions lost track of what they COULD do and mistook it for the illusion of what they were TOLD they could do. Hmm, I wonder if the studios were looking for an excuse to ship things out? What do you think Jon ? Say Iím the head of H&B, I want to get some work done cheap because I made a mistake and gave (yeah Jon, it is always the producers who decide the price, you know that better than anyone) the artists too much (hey and I already have a bunch of secret runaways all over anyway) , what would I do, HEY, IĎll just bottom line the union. They strike and I look pretty good. Well you see, these evil union power mongers FORCED us to ship it out. Beautiful.

:Oh, and even though he can address us as Tinkerbell or condescending,

*US* You mean it was really YOU ? Or did you just mean the , uh, royal WE ? So, tell me Jon, you think that someone hiding behind a false name and slandering artists deserves to be treated like a visting diplomat ? Tinkerbell was the NICE name.

:I better not use adjectives like "smug" or "jaded."

Well, you can if you want but it would only get you back the same lack of respect. If that is what you intended. Blanket accusations are very easy.

: StarToons will keep on pushing for more American TV animation production. If anybody else is interested, they know where to reach us, if need be. I could care less about having the last word. I do appreciate your defense.

Good luck to you then Jon. I hope you find what you are looking for.

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