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Posted by anonymous on June 08, 1999 at 16:14:02:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks Jon, for telling it like it is.anonymous posted by Dave on June 08, 1999 at 13:10:23:

: Post your name so we don't assume you assume just Jons plant.

I could care less whether you think I'm Jon's plant. Anyone who's seen the results he gets will say the same thing.

: After yourself of course. No one ever EARNS the right to be arrogant.

An ad hominem attack. What have I said that was arrogant, that McClanahan's a gifted artist, who after he's done complaining actually rolls up his sleeves and gets the work done?

: Every claim he's made on this forum is a verifyable fact. From the talent and work ethic I've observed in Startoons alumni Spike Brandt, Jeff Siergey, Tony Cervone et al. it seems safe to conclude their Startoons experience gave them a leg up on most of their peers in L.A..

: Well, that is experience for you. Yah, it kind of helps.

Sorry, your intellect so far out-classes mine, I can't figure out what this is supposed to mean.
: : I happen to think your attempts to change people's opinions on this forum are a waste of time.

: Well Tinkerbell, the form isn't here to *change* peoples opinion, it's here to exchange peoples opinions. And your talent for accessing peoples ability to understand is clearly lacking.

B.S. Lot's of people try to sway other's opinions on this forum. The difference is some people make vaccuous assertions and others support their positions with evidence. McClanahan has attempted to support his opinions; you have a far more mixed record and frequently launch irrational attacks against anyone who disagrees with you.

: : People who've already concluded the world owes them a paycheck are not interested in your arguements.

: Oh BS. You dont know any of us moron. The obvious thing is you dont get a paycheck.

I know lots of you. You think exceptional artists need anything the union has to offer? You think Keane, Pomeroy, Goldberg, Baxter, Marjoribanks, have anything to gain from being union members? The union protects people whose productivity falls below what the market will bear. Those of above average ability already make many times the union scale.

: : Fortunately for you, you're better prepared to survive lean times than those who can do little more thasn whine that they're expected to EARN their pay.
: : I'm sorry I only have one hat to take off to you,
: : All the best.

: Hey Mr. Happy, a few of us got through as well without Jon. Talented as he is I'm not ready to start handing out awards.

He doesn't need an award from you, his ability stands on it's own merit.

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