Re: Jon and Dave discuss life in the big city.

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Posted by McClenahan on June 08, 1999 at 08:48:10:

In Reply to: Re: Jon and Dave discuss life in the big city. posted by Bruce Woodside on June 07, 1999 at 19:17:10:

Thanks Bruce, and forgive me. I had it all wrong. All my experience and reports were incorrect. TV animation - not just pre-production - IS being done all over LA.

It's been apparent reading through the responses that the situation there, in the animation capital of the world, is good. Just the way you wanted it.

That isn't the way people were talking earlier in this message board.

Here are some exerpts from Charles Zembillas' article on this website, entitled, "The Coming Revolution."

"Talk of the revolution was temporarily set aside as Golden Age #2 was in full bloom.
Many artists thought that the Second Golden Age was the manifestation of this
revolution, but it wasn't. This latest round of layoffs has dismissed that myth

So it seems I'm not the only one operating under the misconception that people are being laid off - and incidentally, thousands of animation workers in overseas studios, in Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, China, and other countries - are working like crazy on the production of American TV shows.

"The modern day animation studio is a "lumbering machine that's outdated", to quote
a friend of mine who offered his perspective. It has several layers of management
that make it difficult to make quick, timely decisions."

But that doesn't affect you guys.

"The successful animation studio of the future will be much more of a lean and mean
machine. One that is able to keep ever increasing production costs in check by
eliminating a major source of that increase, the false need for an overblown,
non-creative staff."

So among StarToons' staff we have a general manager, an office manager, a production manager, and a marketing director among a staff of 30 employees. The only thing we forgot to do: move to LA.

"A whole new market for animation is opening up and no industry anywhere on earth
is better suited to compete in it than ours. We must prepare."

Let me know what you plans are, because ours are apparently unacceptable.

"There are legions of young people who would love to work in animation. The industry
can grow even bigger than it is now. Animation is integrated more and more into our
daily lives. Advances in computer technology is making it increasingly affordable."

I don't know what all those unemployed animation people in LA are complaining about.

"The revolution is a revolution in thinking. It begins in the mind. Its manifestation
begins in our attitudes towards each other. It will be built upon a new foundation of
cooperation and support among us."

Yeah, cooperation seems to be the predominant concept. As long as it doesn't involve an animator from a city outside LA. Never mind his 10 years operating (obviously, under the illusion) as the only studio taking TV production work away from overseas studios.

Charles sees wonder possibilities for the future. I leave it to his approved advisors to let us know when they've arrived.

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