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Posted by Dave on June 05, 1999 at 03:08:52:

In Reply to: Re: Animation budgets posted by Kevin OíNeil on June 04, 1999 at 10:23:10:

Hi Kevin,

Like I said, it is old home week. I love the fact we are all still hanging in and participating. One of my freinds in Toronto came up to Friz at a Warners festival and he told the shocked boy *itís all been done*. I dont believe it. No one should. Rules arenĎt broken till someone breaks them and even creative people we admire get caught in grip of having closed minds. Creative failure is great if you learn from it. Like UPA , they may not have been horribly financially successful themselves but they influence the entire animation feild. Success cant be measured with rulers or tape measures in those cases. To win you have to be prepared to lose and that hasnít been generally a part of this feild for sometime. Like you said, with tech smashing through labor barriers so quickly the studio in a box is not far down the road. When it really hits , ad agencies, studios and people whoís responsibility it was to advance the art and didnít will suffer the heaviest loss because they will be left behind. Cost will not be the deciding factor because it will all be equalized. Ability will.

: I know you hate to hear it, but itís still people like you who have confidence and respect in their fellow animator that keeps a lot of us going. If you care to remember, you helped me on one of my first animated scenes in Ireland on All Dogs. I really appreciated that. Not that Don liked it any. There are some out there who wonít give newcomers the time of day. Itís 12 years later, happen to know what time it is?

Well my greatest joy in this job has been watching you all grow and learn. As a lead Iíve said it pretty often, when people I work with succeed it makes me no less proud than if I had done it myself. I dont believe in icons or gods, just people. There are few jobs you can do where the results are so share between so many people. Not wanting people around you to do well is selfish and self destructive . Every director ,animator , cleanup person and inbetweener OWES the people they work with time , patience and the benefit of the doubt that they are trying their best. Working with you all is what I will remember when I leave animation, not how many keys I charted.

: By the way, how many cars do you own now? Iíd like to see them. I got a Ď63 Galaxie 500 XL that Iím working on. When itís done it should 400+ hp! Letís do some lunch and talk hot rods. Iím at

Bitchin Kev ,oh that rocks. LOJACK !!!!!!!

97 Mustang (our daily driver, ok, itís Wendys car)
69 Camaro (454, 500hp/650 ftpds, my drag racer, this car was stolen but I got it back, shall I say it ? GET LOJACK!!!!!!!! IT WORKS!!!!! Thank god)
82 Capris RS (302, project, my smog legal prostreet version just being built now as we speak, it replaces the 82 that was stolen , had the wheels cut off and was dumped off a cliff)
64 Nova (350, 350 hp, I just sold it to a kid who I am afraid has a heavy gas foot, I wanted to try and limit myself to three cars, I feel pretty weird having more with no real home to speak of)

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