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Posted by Kevin OíNeil on June 04, 1999 at 10:23:10:

In Reply to: Re: Animation budgets posted by Dave on June 04, 1999 at 02:38:29:

: Or into CGI features. It is part of the evolution of the industry these days. Myself I am hoping that it adds to the diversity of film making. I have a dream. My dream is that out of desperation that companies try different kinds of features . With hundreds of live action films coming out a year Iím always surprised to hear that people consider a few animated features coming out oversaturation. I just canít believe that that is the limit to our imaginations or that there is any limit to what can be done.

Hey Dave, I agree with you on the what should be endless possibilities to putting out animated features. There is certainly no reason many more different types of animated movies can be made.

Why with just a few animators in partnerships you could quickly own enough cgi equipment to produce your own feature film. And between hand drawn and cgi combinations of ideas the results are endless.

With PC/NT systems getting cheaper and Maya, Alias and SoftImage available and Avid editing setups for the home you could draw, animate in cgi and transfer to film without working for the big guys for a smaller budget, have more creative freedom and probably do a better job story wise. At least the ideas will be fresher, instead of the same old tired rehashed growing of age, I canít find out who I am, but letís place it in a different country and time and many the public will forget itís the same as the last movie we put out.

By really figuring out what is important to a good movie like story and simplifying design to quicken things up like cleanup and taking out all the suits you donít need, youíve already saved tons oí cash! Thereís direct to video market which Disney has been enjoying for years, with their sequels and prequels to their already built in audience. They need some competition by newcomers, and the public would be receptive I think, if the movie is good! Why I bet you could even get Roger Ebert review it.

I know you hate to hear it, but itís still people like you who have confidence and respect in their fellow animator that keeps a lot of us going. If you care to remember, you helped me on one of my first animated scenes in Ireland on All Dogs. I really appreciated that. Not that Don liked it any. There are some out there who wonít give newcomers the time of day. Itís 12 years later, happen to know what time it is?

By the way, how many cars do you own now? Iíd like to see them. I got a Ď63 Galaxie 500 XL that Iím working on. When itís done it should 400+ hp! Letís do some lunch and talk hot rods. Iím at

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