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Posted by Dave on June 04, 1999 at 02:38:29:

In Reply to: Re: Animation budgets posted by sam fleming on June 03, 1999 at 09:59:57:

: hey dave,

: yep. i remember the olive street studio well.
: you and mark koetsier and your remote control
: cars. it always looked fun. saw a guy here
: recently with a remote controlled glider. he
: was riding the thermals way, way up high.
: impressive. for what it's worth, i was sad to
: see you and wendy go when you did. so you
: kicked the smokin' habit huh?

Hmm. Well, yes and no. I quit for two years then had a moment of insanity and started again. Iím going to try again after Eldorado . As you know , there are few places itís allowable or comfortable here in LA.

i also remember
: when you drove that vintage mustang to toronto
: from LA and were trying to quit smoking at the
: sam time.

Cross country driving and smoking are pretty exchangable. It was after that I decided flying wasnít as scary as I thought. I fly a lot these days. 4 days vs 4 hours. I never said I was intelligent.

: man dave, you have been all over this website.
: i've quite enjoyed some of the parlays between
: people. alot of excellent points have been
: brought up.

Thanks Sam. I finish work late and it takes my mind off what I just finished. Itís a very good wind down.

i log on to see what's up almost
: every day. i have missed the feature studio
: scene and i'm talking to some folks out there
: right now about re-entering the realm of feature
: animation. it's what i trained for and it's very
: definately different than tv. our studio, little
: wolf entertainment, has done all right and i love
: living here in texas. there are some very talented
: animation folks here too.given the slowdown in the
: industry as of late, a good number have migrated
: the the game and interactive venues.

Or into CGI features. It is part of the evolution of the industry these days. Myself I am hoping that it adds to the diversity of film making. I have a dream. My dream is that out of desperation that companies try different kinds of features . With hundreds of live action films coming out a year Iím always surprised to hear that people consider a few animated features coming out oversaturation. I just canít believe that that is the limit to our imaginations or that there is any limit to what can be done.

: i intend to be out in LA soon so maybe we could
: hook up while i'm out there. my direct email
: address is please say hello
: to wendy. hope ya'll are doing well.

: adios!

: sam

Fer sure. Lets do it. Cool. Mine is
See ya.

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