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Posted by Brian Mitchell on May 30, 1999 at 06:22:45:

In Reply to: Animation budgets posted by Charles on May 29, 1999 at 22:14:19:


First off I want to thank you for this wonderful web site, a great forum to express to many the frustrations of the typical animation artist.

There are a few points that I need to make clear in case some of you have misinterpreted by previous comments.

1) I don't believe that LA artists are given enough credit for the work that they do. It really does take a while to animate some of the characters that we're asked to animate.

Tough design + difficult acting + needed by tomorrow = nervous breakdown.

But even though we produce between three and seven feet of animation a week, we are still a very economical way to produce a film. Just think, we can produce a quality feature film for the same amount of money that Jim Carrey receives for starring in one movie.

I also believe that if characters were designed with more charm and heart and less line mileage, that these folks could spit out 10 feet a week not even half trying.

2) Although I co-own a studio called Fantasimation in New York, I didn't leave LA because of Frustrations with Artists. I left because of problems with certain Egotistical executives who think that they know everything about animation but in fact couldn't tell the difference between a storyboard and layout drawing. Pitiful.

3) Some people think that I left LA to avoid the union but in fact I am still a card carrying active member of the MPSC 839. I am proud of this fact and support them 100%, even though I feel that they could do more for its' members.

They are after all, a small organization and all the resentment that animation artists have toward the studios cannot and should not be placed directly on the back of the cartoonists' union. Steve Hulett has said time and again that the cartoonists' union is only as strong as the individual members. Get the picture? The change that you are all seeking still rests with you!

4) I miss LA, but I like NY too. I was born and

raised here. I'm not a city kid, but an islander.

And lots of you are from other places too! It occurred to me one day while I was working in a high rise in LA, that I had been working on a storyboard for two weeks and not one production person came by to see how I was doing. Without this, why was I there? Why couldn't I work at home, or in the Bahamas? Or New York? I used to think that LA had some special magic or something.

But good animation can be done anywhere. So, I chose to do it in New York.

5) I'm not posting on this board to help create a riot. Not everyone feels there is anything wrong. To you,it might just be another job. Period.

I like to think its' something more.

Fear is a strong emotion. Some back down from it while others do something about it.

It feels better when you do something constructive about it. Do something about it.

6) I'm with all of you. Please know that! The work that you do is outstanding! The professionalism is at an all time high. But, I see an even better future for our profession. The worlds that we could create is unlimited, the films we can produce can be awe-inspiring! Let us not sell ourselves short. You are the key to our future.


Not he or she or them! Take charge and control your life and give yourself reasons for why you should help make a change!

So there. Hope that clarifies things a bit. Oh by the way Dave, When I worked at Bluth, you gave me a very encouraging re-assuring pep talk after a test went sour with a certain directing animator who made me feel absolutely terrible.

It really helped me get though that difficult week. I never forgot that. Hope things are well with you.

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