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Posted by Jon on May 29, 1999 at 21:14:13:

In Reply to: Re: Rally in Hollywood today posted by Dave on May 28, 1999 at 01:00:47:


You haven't even given me flowers yet. It would be highly inappropriate for me to talk about my client, my competitor, or my prices in such a public forum.

Re: The Canadian Govt. being "no more socialist than the US at present", what a well-worded statement! Yes, Uncle Sam is rapidly catching up with the most socialist of governments of the world. Our rich capitalist heritage, allowing human beings to discover the limits of their creativity without being told what was "good" or "bad" for society, is what accounted for the first "Golden Age" of cartoons. It was fresh and alive. Nowadays everything has to go through some Film-Festival-like panel of judges (e.g. the execs we scream and moan about).

And yes, the Canadian Film Board is still insuring tax breaks for studios who want to take advantage of it. That's why I say THEIR socialist government takes care of them better than OUR socialist government does.

We are all aware that socialist systems, while they seem to provide lots of wonderful things, still cost the citizen tons of money. There's no free lunch. I think the socialist lunch is even more expensive, when you consider the restrictions they put on you for your money.

So Dave, what's your story? Where've you been? We do storyboards, slugging, ex sheets, BG keys, incidental models, character posing, BG layouts, AND, YES, all rough animation and probably 25% of the assisting here in Chicago. We're a little limited as to the amount of shows we can do. But what we CAN do frees up WB's LA team to prepare whatever we CAN'T do for their overseas suppliers. We sub out most of the assisting, the BG painting, and everything else down the line to OS studios just like everybody else, but at THAT point we've made an indelible mark of quality on the cartoon ... the rest is dumb-work.

Yeah, it's been happening for ten years here. Why others (with better connections) aren't doing it is beyond me.

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