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Posted by Dave on May 28, 1999 at 01:00:47:

In Reply to: Re: Rally in Hollywood today posted by Jon McClenahan on May 27, 1999 at 19:21:18:

: Gee, I've kind of enjoyed working in Chicago the last ten years!

: But speaking of Canadians, we're bidding against a Canadian company for a series of 26 shows.

Who is the company? It wouldnít be Bardels would it ? They are in BC and are a farm out palace. They beat EVERYONE (including Canadian companies) by setting the price themselves and then farming out to helpless freelancers. And were you bidding on animation or just layout work ?

: And it's unbelievable what THEY'RE bidding.

When itís possible let us know how much they bid along with your bid. Iím interested to know how your costs are so different from yours. It has absolutely nothing to do with any government assistance that I know of so unless Tracy has proof of assistance to this company I am feeling it is a red herring. .

:To beat them, we'll have to work cheap individually and at zero-profit corporately. But at the same money, THEY could make plenty. Their socialist government looks after them.

Huh ? Excuse me but the Canadian government is no more socialist than the US at present. That is an illusion of the past. The only thing they have was medical that was supposedly paid for by the government. Ha ha. They have GST taxes that take the cost of sales tax up on EVERYTHING (including freelance) to around 13%. Free ?. There is nothing for free there. The tax rate runs around 35% and up just like the here and on top of that it costs the average business (or person) around 2000 bucks a year just to track the GST taxes for the government. Free trade destroyed all that protectionism.

I think that the *subsidies* dont in fact apply to animation at all. Iím interested to hear more from Tracy because for example I know for a fact that Nelvana ships 90 percent of itís animation overseas . They only keep a posing crew, not an animation crew at all . If that were true than they would not be elegable.

In fact , the only breaks Iíve heard were for live action and they are exactly the same breaks that cities give for film crews that shoot in particular cities in the US. As you know a film crew brings a lot of money into a local economy so those cities give breaks to film crews. The Canadian company Firestone Canada (one of Ontarios Canadas largest employers) for example moved to the US lured by non union labor, free land and tax breaks in just the same way.

: It will take every bit of American ingenuity to beat what Canada has to offer. That will include hard work, sacrifice (in the short term), and persistence.

: Got what it takes, you LA guys?

Hmm. It may not be appropriate for you to say what you bid on but I find it interesting. The actual costs involved and the prices bid would give us a clue as well a work required , time allowed. Iím pretty surprised that series work is even done in North America at all ? Are you talking about posing , or animation ?

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