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Posted by Dave Brewster on May 25, 1999 at 13:36:14:

In Reply to: Re: The Business posted by forever learning on May 25, 1999 at 00:34:51:

: : I think its great that we get to read the opinions of an animator of your stature in the industry.

That is kind of you. Jimmy Steward said that if you get old enough, you get a good reputation for just having survived.

:I enjoy your encouragement and honesty. Sometimes its hard to trust what people say in the industry, but you seem to be really honest,

I think this is a journey we are all on and despite the bumps and hardships it can be a wonderful experience. I will always be honest because I see myself in all of you. I know what it is to need a chance even though you momentarily might not have a connection or the knowledge of the right way to get that opportunity. I have respect for the efforts of everyone in the process and dont see myself above or different so the only thing I have to offer you at this point is any knowledge I might have from this experience.
Despite the efforts of some to quantify who is best or who is in the pecking order I would rather look to the differences we all have and what they give to whatever we do. As actors will bring different things to roles so will animators.

: not to mention you have really cool cars.

I am building a 300hp/smog legal 82 Capri RS right now. Everything Ford blue.

Say hi to Max for me...(yeah, I'm only kidding).

Sure will.

: :
: : Although some good things did come out of it(not many) if it wasn't for people like Sue Kroyer, Alex Topete, Steve Huston, Phil Denslow, Glenn Vilpuu, Karl Gnass, Charles, Christian Lignan, Chris Sauve, Tony Fucile, and my high school instructor-of all people-I'd be up **** creek.
: : : The one string that runs through all of those people is that none of those people are affiliated with large universities or art schools. They're people that I sought out after graduating knowing that what I had learned at a reputable instition didn't even come close to cutting it. And even though that school cost less than the other high priced schools try out $11,000 a year. Thats bad enough especially when you see the equipment we had to work with.

: : : The funny thing is is that even though I'm pretty confidant in my abilities now I still have to fight for the work I get because I don't have Sheridan or CalArts on my resume. It's unfortunate, sometimes very frustrating and moral destroying causing more than a few late night conversations with my fiance. But, I'll never give up because what else will I do...collect garbage...well I guess they pay well. I wish students from my old school helped each other out like former students from the others. NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT---I'M PISSED OFF! (just kidding. I'm doing better than most people in the world so I can't complain. I always feel good after a day at the beach.)

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