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Posted by Been there, done that, made some films, paying the bills on May 14, 1999 at 22:28:04:

In Reply to: Re: Sometimes... posted by Pete on May 13, 1999 at 22:59:45:

Well, that's not entirely what I experienced when attending. You had to buy your own animation disc; nobody was sharing discs. While certainly not state of the art, you could at least shoot your pencil tests on the Amiga's Take2 systems, and if that wasn't available, you could use the test machines in the department. It wasn't the best system, but it served it's purpose. Things are a bit better now, but a long way from what could be.

For those that still struggle with basic drawing, you'll get out of school what you put into it. I've seen people that didn't even need to go for a single year (Why were they there anyway?) But yeah, I've seen people who graduated and still 'didn't get it'.

Can't argue with the loan debts. I'll probably be paying them long after I can't draw anymore. The students have been up in arms for a while now...about every three years the cycle begins again with a new crop of students. Stuff like, why does Steven Levine rent a luxury car instead of leasing it? (On the school's tab, of course.)

I figure that of course things could've been a lot better. But there's a lot worse out there too.

The school also has a policy, that every $1 it gets in funding no matter where it came from or what it's earmarked for, gets split equally between the departments.

And wherever the money goes, it isn't going to the instructors. It's a rare instructor that hangs around CalArts...Anyone who's *that* good can be working in the industry and making tons of money. You have to *really* love teaching to teach at CalArts. What's a real shame, is that some excellent instructors only lasted a year before moving on to better things.

If anyone asks me how to get into animation I tell them that the most important aid is your own drive and determination, not the school you attend. And you learn by doing, mostly.

-CalArts Grad

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