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Posted by forever learning on May 14, 1999 at 12:42:03:

In Reply to: even deeper thoughts posted by forever learning on May 14, 1999 at 00:05:40:

: I just scored four matinee tickets to Star Wars Episode I for Wednesday May 19, 1999 at the Village Mann in Westwood. That means I'll be calling in sick. Oh, wait a minute...I'm still unemployed. Damn. Well, if I were working I would have called in sick. I actually took a test for a job today, so maybe by Monday I will be working and I'll be able to call in sick on Wednesday.
: In regards to an earlier comment about maybe cutting some of the P.A.'s at Disney, well, I'm sure there are better ways. In fact, P.A.'s are some of the hardest working people on movie productions. I'm always amazed by the hours and hard work that they put in a thankless job for money that many of us would laugh at if it were offered. I'd even say that in many ways we are a pretty spoiled bunch. My pops cuts meat for a living and his lame union has managed to garner them a measly @.35 cents a week extra in the last ten years. Some times it's hard to get geeked up for the union. I wonder why? I also suppose that being around over paid management for too long makes us feel like paupers. Artists make the films. Someday that will be ours. Yeah, right. It doesn't matter anyway. I never got into this for the money.
: Maybe instead of cutting hard ass workers who make pennies, some artists should cut back on their ten fifteen minute smoke breaks a day. (I guess that also means I shouldn't call in sick to see Star Wars if I get a job-all right go take your smoke breaks) What would be nice in animation is for studios to take a long, hard look at "Iron Giant"'s process. Now that was a miracle in film making. Good luck if that ever happens again. And if you only got into Disney for it's beautiful animation then I suggest you back away slowly from your "Illusion of Life Book" and take a breather. Animated feature films like that haven't been made in decades. Don't forget that old Disney films were given 3-4 years to be made. And, no, "The Prince of Egypt" doesn't count, as amazing as it looks. Well, it would count if not for the shameless plugging of it's so called Diva soundtrack. Where's my barf bag.
: By the way, I love CalArts. Every time I see one of their students and former students I think about my next European or Hawaiian trip rather than my next dept payment. And, yes, I did remember to deposit my unemployment check today. NOW GET OFF MY ****ING TOWL! YOU'RE BLOCKING MY SUN!
: Actually, in fifteen years pops has been given about a three dollar and ten cent raise. Well, thats not much better. Unions aren't even near perfect, but it's either trust them or the studios. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...thats not a tough decision.

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