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Posted by Pete on May 13, 1999 at 22:59:45:

In Reply to: Sometimes... posted by Charles on May 13, 1999 at 19:03:09:

: Getting back to the issue - With all respect to the school's music students, why should character animation students underwrite a guitar department? Why should this added financial burden fall upon the shoulders of character animation students, most of it in the form of long term interest bearing loans? Especially when it means having to do without equipment that is vital to their own education?

I never quite learned the answer to these questions myself...obviously I'm a graduate from a while back...and when I was there we tried to get answers from the president of why we had to pay for everyone else. I was just giving out information...I don't particularly think its a good way of doing things.

: I would also like to point out, Pete, that I've never used the Animation Nation website as a platform to plug or promote my school as you suggest. I've been very deliberate about keeping the two seperate, but now that I think of it, yours may not be such a bad idea. Thanks.

Too bad...I respected the neutrality.

: I've reviewed lots of portfolios from Cal Arts students as well as students from other major art and animation schools in the country. In most instances, I've observed an alarming lack of fundamental training. The kind of training an art or animation student should have been receiving from day one.

I've noticed this too lately. When I was there we had an excellent life drawing instructor and top industry animators as our teachers.

However, I did just get back from the Producer's Show and true, a lot of the drawing and character animation skills were lacking (if not completely missing) but a majority of the films were on a whole, really GREAT films. I was extremely impressed with the attempts at making moving films through animation. A couple of them could go on to be future directors.

: Whether you're happy there or frustrated, when you get into the business, remember to take pride in your work. Always strive for excellence. Respect your creative colleagues regardless of their educational background. Maintain a positive attitude and do your best to keep the art and our industry vibrant.

It's funny but there is that notion that if you went to CalArts somehow you are better or more prepared than others...and unfortunately there a lot of people out there with HUGE chips on their shoulders concerning this issue. If nothing else, most of my classmates I work with now and enjoy hanging out with still. If other schools are providing this community spirit then I think that's great.

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