Disney Features ruining quality animation

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Posted by Mark on May 13, 1999 at 07:30:27:

Since gossip is the fuel for aritists in this industry, I thought I'ld pass this along. On it's newest feature, Disney is asking animators to cut back on the quality of animation it is producing. Suggestions were to put things on 4s if possible, use held cels NOT moving holds, break up characters into different levels (a la TV), have static heads with moving mouth shapes, when one character is interacting with another, keep the other one on a held cel when it is not moving, and the worst possible unthinkable practice: use REUSE footage from other scenes (like in Jungle Book). This is completely UNACCEPTABLE. They are supposed to be the leader in this industry and now they are going the way of direct-to-video or TV style animation. I apologize if I am offending anyone that really loves TV-style animation, but I for one got into this whole thing because of the classic Disney style and the beauty that comes from this artform. Now, in an attempt to cut corners, they are going to use REUSE footage!! Why?? Also, production managers are making key artistic decisions in order to speed up the process. For example, certain shapes (I think pointed items) were changed on a character because the 'Fill' program that CAPS uses wouldn't be able to quickly comprehend the drawing in order to fill it in. Also, individual strands of hair were removed from designs because the CAPS people would have had to hit the 'Fill' button twice. Is this completely insane or is it just me??!!! What happened to the art and the commitment to quality? If they are looking to cut the budget, why don't they INTELLIGENTLY plan the schedules (i.e., lose the whole "overtime crunch" thing), drop half of the Production Assistants who are only there to wear their new hip outfits, hire writers who actually understand character and plot and get it right the first time. Sorry, I just REALLY love this artform and it seems like management is inent on slowly murdering it. Computers and $12 million dollar features will kill off beautifully animated films for the sake of higher profit margins. This is really frustrating!!!

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