Hey, Cal Arts!

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Posted by Charles on May 13, 1999 at 00:32:01:

What's your problem? What kind of a racket are you running?

Your tuition is over $18,000 for your character animation program. That doesn't even include your hefty room and board fees. What do your students get for the money? Animation disks have to be shared between three people. Pencil tests and films shot on an obsolete 30 year old Oxberry camera. To top it off, your students are graduating with massive loan debts that will take the better part of their professional careers to pay off and they still struggle with basic drawing.

You academic stuffed shirts are another major problem in our industry. What are you using the tuition from your character animation students to subsidize? What are you spending the money on? It sure isn't your character animation program.

Cal Arts character animation students - why are you taking it? Don't you think you should get your own disk for $18,000? Why do you continue to study at a school that gives you far less than what you are paying for? Don't you think you're entitled to some of the most basic educational necessities? For $18,000 a year, shouldn't you have a state of the art facility?

If you're going to spend $18,000 a year on tuition alone, then why don't you study law? Or medicine? How can your school justify such outrageous fees?

You men and women are the future of the American animation industry. Do you feel as if you are getting the education you are paying for? Almost everyone I know who went to Cal Arts answers that question with a resounding "no". How can the situation in our industry improve if you graduates end up so unprepared after leaving school?

Stand up for yourselves! Organize! Confront! Fight! Don't just sit there! You don't have to accept this. Start taking control of your lives and careers! Force Cal Arts to become the school it claims to be. Insist on a first rate quality education from these academic quacks.

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