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Posted by Dave Brewster on May 10, 1999 at 00:44:00:

In Reply to: for beginners posted by forever learning on May 09, 1999 at 01:29:22:

I donít know who you are, but this was truly beautiful. I have nothing to add.

: I'm noticing that the posted messages are mostly really angry and pessimistic. I'm sure for young people dreaming about a job in animation some of these messages are a bit intimidating. For people trying to break into the industry it's really not all bad. The first couple of years can be tough, but after that things get better if you want them to. Here are some tips for having a good experience in the industry:
: 1) BE PROFESSIONAL. Don't act stupid. Don't backstab. Don't run around the halls squirting your friends with water guns. Don't sexually harass. AND LEAVE YOUR PORN MAGS AT HOME. THEY DON'T BELONG IN A WORK ENVIRONMENT SO DON'T DO IT. IT'S NOT FRESH!
: 2) Enjoy Life. If you live in Los Angeles, go to the beach every weekend. If you work in Toronto become a Maple Leaf fan and get season tickets. Drink lots of Molson. If you work in Florida chase lots of college co-eds. If you work in Paris spend lots of time at their awesome museums. If you work in London buy an umbrella, a gas mask, and a ticket to Paris, Los Angeles, or Toronto. Don't go to Vancouver because their hockey team stinks.
: 3) Don't buy into managements lies, even after they give you a raise. They don't care about you and never will, so don't buy into their "I'm your best friend" tactics. They'll get rid of you as soon as they think somebody else is better or cheaper.
: 4) Never stop learning. I've seen a lot of people graduate from college with the attitude that the world owes them a living. The quicker you throw out this idea the better off you will be. The world doesn't owe you anything and the industry will try to pay you nothing.
: 5) Never stop learning. Don't just learn how to draw. Learn how to paint, sculpt, tell a story. Be an artist, but don't confuse artist with wierdow(refer to rule #1).
: 6) Don't hang out with bitter people. Think of becoming bitter as falling to the dark side of the force. Bitter people are Dark Lords. Bitterness is contagious.
: 6a) Stay out of the politics of animation. It will only make you bitter and the time you spend complaining is time you can take for studying.
: 7) Have common sense.
: 8) Don't backstab fellow artists even if you don't respect their work. What goes around comes around.
: 9) Take vacations. Travel. To be a truly good and knowledgeable artist traveling and gaining experiences are important.
: 10) Don't forget that the key word in animation industry is industry.
: 11) And finally, EMPOWER YOURSELF.
: Continue learning, reading, observing. Don't forget to have fun. Thats why you got into the industry. But dont't sacrifice your life for it. Go outside. When the studio asks you to do sixty hours, do fifty and take the other ten for your own studying and projects otherwise you will burn out.
: No studio is worth sacrifycing your life for.
: I recently bought an animation program from AXA. It comes with camera capture, camera f/x, ink and paint. I don't need studios to advance any longer. I recently did a test using some old animation I had lying around and it looked great. I can work on my own ideas and designs now and eventually put them on the net. Working on my own ideas allows me to keep focused on why I got into animation in the first place and I never feel bitter.
: 12) Don't forget to deposit your unemployment check.
: I forgot to mention that I'm unemployed. Which brings me to a final point. I worked with people who sometimes did seventy hours or more a week. They got laid off at the same time I did. Don't let the studios crunch you. No amount of extra pay is worth it in the end. You'll burn out your enthusium, your health, and your wrist. I've seen it happen. Human beings weren't born to be chained to desks.
: 13) Save your money. A large savings account takes the sting out of unemployment. In fact, unemployment can be fun. You can study a lot, and between dropping off your portfolio and studying you can go to the beach.

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