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Posted by The Old Fart on May 09, 1999 at 01:33:43:

In Reply to: get this... posted by forever learning on May 08, 1999 at 23:52:50:

Interesting stuff. Being a Lucas geek myself I sometimes find the opinions of the anti StarWars league interesting. They envy and hate the fact that a film called a cheap space western by some magazines could do so well. I really enjoy Lucas as a person though. Sure, I donít always agree with his choices but I love and adore his vision. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but I can promise you this, with the ratio of failure vs success it is the easy bet to say any film will bomb. Your chances are far greater of being right. Myself , I try not to predict from trailers and canít think of a real producer who bet their job on such offhand comments or even consider saying that given that there is another producer sitting at Lucas who is doing a job just like theirs. The point being that producers of that ilk seem to not feel something in common with their counterparts. Myself, I would hope that they were pulling for the hope it might do well. Only children point to other children and say cruel things.
And as to a producers ability to determine whether an actor will fail or succeed ? Hmm. I think you could get a better prediction from one of those psychic phone lines. An actor does not fail alone. It takes a lot of lousy writing, directing and interference from the producer to screw them up enough to fumble the ball. The point being that NO ONE should be hoping or predicting other peoples failures. I mean, unless they feel that they are so superior to the rest that they enjoy an invulnerable position. Something I have yet to see. All of us should be pulling for each other. Producers, artists, directors, writers and execs. Until we realize that we share the entire business in common we always die by the same sword we swing. Competition isnít creativity. No matter what anyone says. Efforts are best put into their own work before criticizing others efforts.

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