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Posted by forever learning on May 08, 1999 at 23:52:50:

Here's some great information about the types of
people that are "above-the-line". One day I was
in my animation supervisor's office on "Iron Giant"
and we were watching the first "Phantom Menace"
trailer. After it was done we started talking
about how cool it looked and how every film in
the industry would be definitely giving it a wide
birth when low and behold our producer slithered
in. Oh, yeah, and our business manager...I think.
To this day I still don't know what he did on
the film besides be a nag. In fact, I don't think
he realized that we were making an animated film
or even simply a film. I think he thought we were
making brownies or something. He was a nice
enough guy, though. Kind of like a pet or
something. Back to the producer. So she asks my
supervisor if she could watch it, too. He reloads
it and she watches. Here comes the cool part.
In about the middle of the trailer, with a giddy
smile spread across her all-knowing pie hole, she
blurts out, "This movie's gonna bomb!"

I paused.

I looked at my supervisor. He looked at me.
I looked back at her, but give her time to recover
her senses since I'm almost positive she spent a
lot of brain energy coming up with such a profound
vision of the future.

Really what I was thinking was, "You really are
dumber than you look. Whoduvthunk it."

With that one statement I nearly went into
convulsions with flashbacks of Frank Gladstone,
Frederick Du Chump, and "The Quest for Camelot".
Then she said, "I met that kid once(referring to
the boy who plays Anakin) and he can't carry a

My second pause.

"Well Mark Hamill couldn't carry a film either,"
I said, "and Star Wars is still great."

Thank God she had nothing to say to that because
one more comment like the previous two and I would
have jumped out of my supervisor's eighteenth floor window.

And here is some justice for you, Charles. Because
the buzz on "Iron Giant" has been so huge a big
producer on the Warner Bros. lot, who also
happenes to be the same guy who bought the rights
to "Iron Giant" for Warner Bros. years ago,
decided to pull rank on the current producer and
will be taking most of the Producer credit. I
heard this from another artist at DreamWorks who
worked on the film with me. It might not be true,
but it would be funny if it is.

I wrote these anecdotes because sometimes the page
gets a bit heavy and it would be nice to see
politics get broken up by some funny stories once
in a while, especially when it's at management's
expense. Oh, sorry, "above-the-liners."

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