Oh ye of little faith...

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Posted by Charles on April 23, 1999 at 20:50:09:

Why do you give up so easy?

Do you like living like a surf in your own land?

Sure you do! How else can I explain some of the attitudes I experience in this business every day and some of these defeatest, guttless messages you post on this board.

These studios have been spoon feeding you for so long, you're like a little puppy dog they can pet. People are calling you a bunch of whiners. Is that the impression you want to leave for the entire animation universe to see?

The thing about executives is over and done with. We know what a bunch of enlightened bhodisatvas they are. Nobody knows more than I do what kind of fun it can be to publicly laud them. So what. They are a boring bunch that speak with forked tongue. Everybody knows that already.

Why do you trust these people? What makes you think that they're all of a sudden going to come to you and let you in on their development club? Why do you fall for the oldest line in the book - "We love it! We'll call you in 2 weeks!" Oh, yes! They'll make all your dreams come true!

Do you know what's happening in animation? It's being produced in Syracuse, New York City, Austin, Cleveland, Chicago, North Carolina. A friend of mine just came back from Scotland where she spent three weeks. She was amazed at how much animation was being broadcast. I've got another friend that produced a series for Indonesian TV. Look at the animation on commercials. Look at the world wide recognition it's receiving. Look at how much easier it's becoming to produce it. Everyone is doing it except the great LA artists.

If you're happy doing what you're doing, if you've got a family to feed, it's perfectly understandable. If you're not, if you want to give up, if you're so empty inside that you won't morally support the ones out there that are trying to make this industry a little more interesting and promising for us, then why don't you keep your defeatist comments to yourself. There are a few that are pushing the envelope way out. Why should they hire you? What kind of obligation do they have to you? You expect everyone to fight your battles, then you're the first ones in line when the break comes and there's a production budget. Why should anyone hire you when it can be sent to Canada?

How many of you could have come to the April 1st meeting but didn't. How many of you who didn't go to the meeting come to this message board and talk big like you know what's up. How many of you talk this garbage about no revolution when it's going on right in front of your tightly shut eyes.

I was asked to be interviewed by Animation World Network this week. I took the battle to the animation media. You can guess what the primary topic of discussion was. Next time they come around, I'll be hard pressed to keep from sharing my views about the courage of the world's leading animation community.

How many of you griping about the Union actually go to Union meetings. How many of you go to meetings and tell them to their faces what you think. How many of you slamming Tom Sito actually realize that he serves as President of IATSE Local 839 without financial compensation. How can you expect this man to get anything done when you won't give him the support that he needs.

For all you you sensitive types, I apologize if I hurt your feelings.

As for the rest of my colleagues, we'll pick it up from here.

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