Re: There is no one else to blame but yourselves

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Posted by Irradicator on April 14, 1999 at 01:48:54:

In Reply to: There is no one else to blame but yourselves posted by Roger Earl on April 11, 1999 at 12:30:45:

: There has been a lot of finger pointing at exectives and across the border animators for
: the messy state of American Animation.

No Roger, there hasnít been finger pointing. There has been peoples opinion on what the THINK is the problem. You are the only one who is making a definite statement, totally uninformed as it is.

: The truth is, the messy state of American Animation is not caused by the executives or
: by out-sourcing, but by you guys, the animators.

People us the *retarded* word around you a lot, donít they.

: It is the you, the animators who let this situation get out of hand.

: Instead of crying and complaining that it's the executives fault DO SOMETHING about it.

Man, you are one funny monkeyboy. Now tell us Roger, how exactly did ANY animator make a studio do films with songs and dancing in them ??? Go ahead smartass , tell the world.

: There's have been a lot of hype over the protest on April 1st. Well April 1st has gone
: and went. Guess what, I heard NOTHING from this so-call protest. Which leads me
: to believe that this protest is nothing but B.S.

The only thing that is B.S. is you ya malformed troll. At least the people on this site have experience in film while yours is an opinion based on fantasies you had while masturbating to a mirror. From hence for keep your mouth shut. If we need more opinions from the nursery we will ask.

: If the only thing you animators can do is complain about your jobs and do nothing about it, then
: why the hell are you in the animation industry in first place?

THAT,S RIGHT MORON !!!!! WHY TALK ABOUT THE FRICKEN INDUSTRY YOU ARE EMPLOYED IN !!!!!!!!! I say we repeal the late abortion laws and flush Jolly Roger down the toilet.

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