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Posted by Dave on April 13, 1999 at 01:17:28:

In Reply to: George says... posted by Charles on April 13, 1999 at 00:52:26:

Just some notes to this discussion. It wasnít animators to blame. As people we expect the persons above us to know their jobs. Are we to give tests to weed out the ones who think wrongly ? Iím not trying to take this off in another direction but Charles, what does striking have to do with some bad execs ? Is this how we are expected to manipulate management ? By striking ??? Seems to me to be the hard way to do it and totally confrontational. Exactly what do you mean by start your own studio long ago ? Is that not possible now ? Why ?

On DreamWorks TV you will note that I mentioned companies taking over networks to air their own work (Nickelodeon, Disney/ABC, etc). The reason DreamWorks TV folded was there were few avenues left to sell series work for any half decent price (this is company line so I am towing it without question). We were all told that the layoff was only 14 people(though that is still too large) . Is that not true ? Perhaps you can elaborate on this. What exactly did THEY (your friends) were the problems ?

: You are correct, Roger. Animation artists are to blame. We should have started getting ourselves together a long, long time ago. We should have been much more organized. We should never have allowed the Union to include a "no strike" clause in its contract and we should have been starting our own studios long before Dreamworks TV closed down.

: And speaking of Dreamworks TV, do you think that the animation artists who were working there are to blame for its demise? I know several artists who were telling me 2 years ago about the problems the studio was having. They tried and tried but got nowhere with management. Is it the artists' fault that the studio couldn't make a go of it? Is it their fault that their closed minded, insecure, demogogic superiors wouldn't listen?

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