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Posted by Dave. on April 11, 1999 at 16:55:35:

In Reply to: There is no one else to blame but yourselves posted by Roger Earl on April 11, 1999 at 12:30:45:

There is no one person or persons to blame here. You are giving the animators credit for control they donít have. Not that we are blameless but Iím not sure how ? Taking money that was offered to us ? Or do you feel that we all should have begged to take less. Could we do something ? Sure. I think that is what the entire dialogue is about. Are you going to hear some whining ? Yeah, sure. People are frustrated. That is totally natural. Blaming anyone without cause is a bad idea though. The problems Charles is talking about are things that have to be looked at in the light before they are acted on. If there is indeed waste it wont be found by pointing at anyone and crying WITCH. Knowledge of the situation is the only avenue left. Constructive solutions that offer business an opportunity to make profitable films that our industry will benefit from. I like the idea of animator run studios that carry runoff and partnership with larger studios. It offers the studio less of an overhead and a smaller staff while giving them clout production wise. While this has been done in Asian studioís for economic animation it has not been explored or accessed very heavily here in the US. Companies like Ahhh films in Denmark and Bardells in Canada seem to do this kind of work with success. As I mentioned companies like Heart of Texas and Character Buildfers in Ohio are just into the game. The problem has been that larger studioís have not considered them anything but run off studioís till now. It would be nice if by contract features could use them more in partnership. Each studio has access to artists in that area of the country and it makes sense rather then relocating large crews donít you think ? As we enter an age where being connected to a studio is more a question of whether you have a modem it will be more important to be able to access those kinds of studioís.

Despite the fact there is not a lot of solutions offered yet there is the obvious passing of information and airing of views. If there are answers they wonít be arrived at instantly so if you are looking for that one line that answers all this industries injustices, donít. What I hope will come from this will be an understanding of how film is made. My only real belief is that knowledge is power. If you have any ideas then please feel free to speak up.

: There has been a lot of finger pointing at exectives and across the border animators for
: the messy state of American Animation.

: The truth is, the messy state of American Animation is not caused by the executives or
: by out-sourcing, but by you guys, the animators.

: It is the you, the animators who let this situation get out of hand.

: Instead of crying and complaining that it's the executives fault DO SOMETHING about it.

: There's have been a lot of hype over the protest on April 1st. Well April 1st has gone
: and went. Guess what, I heard NOTHING from this so-call protest. Which leads me
: to believe that this protest is nothing but B.S.

: If the only thing you animators can do is complain about your jobs and do nothing about it, then
: why the hell are you in the animation industry in first place?

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