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Posted by MATT on April 10, 1999 at 13:43:19:

Dave, you must understand I do NOT hate Canadians. I am trying to show that our jobs are disappearing, slowly but surely.
The attitude most executives have nowadays is "Animation would be really great if w didn't have to deal with the damn animators" Consequently they are always looking for ways to save money. And I'm sorry if I appear confrontational here but the majority of Canadian animators I know are no different than we are. The reason they come down to the U.S. to work is because they want be paid more.
I'm certainly not taking any pleasure in the financial woes of your country, I am merely working to protect the jobs that should remain here. And Canada is not alone, I am well aware other countries are used in the production of American product. I only mention Canada because it is so close to home, and because it has a somewhat similar culture. If you ignore this problem as we have, eventually your remaining jobs in Canada might disappear as well. Look at the American auto industry for example, and what happened to thousands of auto workers who were laid off and had their jobs shipped to Mexico for example.( See the film Roger and Me, and you might get the idea ) I don't hate Mexico, but I sure as hell think those jobs should be here. Our economy may be strong, but most people are living a paychck away from living in the street.

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