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Posted by Dave on April 10, 1999 at 05:08:33:

In Reply to: Re: CANADA / OUR NEW "CHEAP" LABOR posted by Matthew Sullivan on April 09, 1999 at 19:14:57:


: : You must open your mind. We are no longer in the world that once was. This is a global economy. Did you ever think that series work would ever be done here again ? Probably not. Well, it is. The orient needed that infux of Saturday morning work to rebalance the global economy. It didnít lower our prices, it raised theirs. The same will happen to the Canadian animation market and you canít stop it by pointing out their nationality. You were correct in that these are your brothers and sisters and that if there wasnít a line on a map drawn you wouldnít give it another thought. Solving our problem here does not start with asking people who need work to be ashamed for taking it.

: I have nothing against Canada.

Well, except you convinced they are taking american job based on their nationality. UGH!

: But I think it would be in their own interest to work on their own programs and build a Canadian animation industry that makes uniquely Canadian product.

Oh, you mean like Disney France or Bluth in Ireland . Do you have a problem with that ?

: I feel that we, as American artists, should have the same opportunity. That means using AMERICAN labor which is quite abundant.

The point is we do have the same opportunity and more. Why send animation or any labor to ANYWHERE if we have such an abundance of willing workers ? Why even bring any artist here if there are so many willing animators ?

:Why in the world would we spend the money to send our animation jobs to another country when there are artists that would do it here?

Perhaps you should find out before you start asking them to feel exploited.

: I would gladly take a cut in pay as long as I could still afford lifes necessities.

Then you would know how those Canadians feel.

: Anyway, I'm new to the industry so I don't get paid as much regardless.However, many artists are still out of work. I don't know if you have any friends hurting for work but i can tell you I have plenty and I feel very lucky to be employed right now.

Matt, all I can tell you is what I know about the business from 20 years of doing it. Animation at itís core is just as insecure as any entertainment job. You are not canning beans or putting shoe laces into packages. There is no way to compare them. Animation is more of a lifestyle than a job. Neither job is forever but animation is far more volitile and inconsitant. For many years in my youth I found it very frightning and questioned my own sanity *as did others* for remaining in it. After a while I became hooked on that very insecurity because the lack of predictability in work was what makes every job so special.
I can tell you are a feeling person because you are more upset about your friends than anything. Itís harder to watch others than take the unemployment yourself. I know. There is no promise of absolute employment for ANY of us. No perfect world. The only thing you can do as a hedge against being out of work is do your best. Learn and grow as an artist. I donít know who is to blame for shipping things to other countries. Us , them, luck, fate, execs. I donít know. I just know it doesnít lie with the artists up north or with any artist in any country who needs work. Asking them to grow an industry without even knowing if they can comes off as petty.

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