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Posted by Dave on April 10, 1999 at 04:15:58:

In Reply to: Re: CANADA / OUR NEW "CHEAP" LABOR posted by Matthew Sullivan on April 09, 1999 at 19:37:06:

: My post was not meant to be a slam upon Canadians. I find it unnerving when even PREPRODUCTION IS NOW BEING CONSIDRED AS POTENTIAL "OVERSEAS" WORK. That's frightening to me, as it should be to all artists out there. Where does it end? Will we eventually send everything away and leave nothing for our workers?

: By the way what's wrong with nationalism?

Ask the auto workers who lived through the 70ís. This is protectionism, not nationalism.

:Doesn't Canada have a policy to protect itself from the influx of American entertainment written into actual law?

No , it has a comission called the CRTC that requires CANADIAN broadcasters to provide a certain amount of Canadian content in their television programing.Keep in mind most of these stations have a budget close to income of a small 7/11 in Ohio. Any rules are side stepped and since there are so few Canadian stations it has little effect. The freely broadcasting major stations are all across the border in the US and are 100 % unaffected by any ruling Canada makes.They are the major stations in Canada. When you speak of being competative also keep in mind you are talking 25 million people verses 250 million. We wonít even bother to talk economic clout.

Now speaking of Canada, protectionism nearly destroyed the country. By putting up false barriers it created uncompetative business. When it became painfully obvious that the world would just close itís doors as well, the country had to face reality. That was what Free Trade was about. Being based on that protectionist illusion the country was put through the most painful destruction of itís manufacturing segment when the barriers came down. Companies from the US offered tax breaks and other incentives that Canada could not. More than half itís manufacturers moved to the US. No one blamed the US or itís people.
No one cried nationalism.

> If that's the case wouldn't it benefit Canada to create a Canadian animation industry with productions that are uniquely Canadian and that are staffed by Canadian workers?

Iím sure they would like you to tell them how. Or are you just teasing because you know economically this unrealistic.
You donít seem yo be mentioning anyone but Canada here. How about Mexico, China, Japan,France, Korea etc etc. Or is it just you canít consider them a threat because they donít speak enough english. I see, you only feel nervous when you can see that these people are to much like you. Disney has been in Austrailia, Japan, Korea , China, France and other countries for some time. Exactly why do you suddenly feel a burst of nationalism only now ?

: This is in no way a slam on Canadian animators, they do a fine job and I know more than a few extremely talented people from Canada.

Then you realize why they are getting some of the work. Iím not sure it is such a compliment when you asked them to feel ashamed for being in a weak enough economic situation that they would need to take outside work . Now what really cheeses me off is why you feel that these people are in control of what American business does with itís money. When was the last time you turned down work based on the fact it came from an outside country?

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