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Posted by Dave on April 09, 1999 at 03:08:03:

In Reply to: CANADA / OUR NEW "CHEAP" LABOR posted by Matthew Sullivan on April 09, 1999 at 01:35:59:

: I find it strange that Canada is now recieving a large chunk of production that could easily be handled by American artists.( many of whom could really use a job now ) No offense to our Canadian brothers and sisters but if I were you, I'd be quite offended that I was now America's cheap labor.
: Thoughts on this, anyone?

If it were for cost alone it would just head of to the orient. As they found in using Disney Florida (considered at the time, Americas cheap labor, I wonder if they were offended) it is advantageous to hit places with no union and a need for work. Rather than being offended Canadians probably welcome the income and opportunity to gain some experience. As Disney himself said, THE DEPRESSION WAS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO US.

I find your lack of desire to not offend a bit more like covering your anger over having the work sent to someone without our economy. Have you ever taken a job for less than a more experienced animator ? Do you think that producers havenít traded on an inexperienced animators cheaper cost in America? What exactly is the difference other than it is labor farther north? The fact you even mention the nationality strikes me as less than an objective opinion. If the idea is to draw more lines, to divide people based on where in North America they were born you are going to set in motion the destruction of any unity between us. When union organizers go to Canada you can expect those same Canadian artists to quote exactly that kind of US vs THEM attitude bolstered by statements like yours. Is it any wonder they wont organize in places like Toronto ? They have seen exactly how isolationist we were here. They donít trust that the US union has anything but there own self interests involved in setting up there.

You must open your mind. We are no longer in the world that once was. This is a global economy. Did you ever think that series work would ever be done here again ? Probably not. Well, it is. The orient needed that infux of Saturday morning work to rebalance the global economy. It didnít lower our prices, it raised theirs. The same will happen to the Canadian animation market and you canít stop it by pointing out their nationality. You were correct in that these are your brothers and sisters and that if there wasnít a line on a map drawn you wouldnít give it another thought. Solving our problem here does not start with asking people who need work to be ashamed for taking it.

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