Dixie-Cup Management

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Posted by Bob's Pal on April 05, 1999 at 08:45:48:

Hi Friends and cohorts,

I'll open with one quote and close with another.

"Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss"
- Pete Townsend

Here's something that really gets to me a root cause of our problems:

Non-Creative people in all-powerful positions of creative authority.

I'm not talking about a few good ones like Jean MacCurdy, who seems to have an eye for talent and the smarts to trust said talent to do their job.

I speak of all those "Development Exectutives" who wouldn't know a good drawing, worthwhile story, or original concept if their lives depended on it. (Though OUR lives sort of do!)

Over the years, I've seen so many leave (always for a lateral position or promotion elsewhere) only to be replaced by someone just as jaw-droppingly unqualified for such a key position. A position that OUR livelyhoods depend on for creative, forward-seeing decisions.

Imagine a Dixie-Cup holder. You take a cup and an identical one drops into it's place. It never matters when a studio wises up enough to dump one of these bozos because there's another waiting in the wings.

Where the hell do these people come from? There seems to be an endless supply. None of them know animation or even seem to like it. But they pick our projects.

Call them Development Exectutives, VP's of Programing, or what have you. Whoever they are, as long as those jobs are peopled from the same pool as they have been, great ideas will be buried, lame trend-followers will be embraced, and WE WILL SUFFER FOR IT.

This hurts everyone. Maybe there's a way to get a message to the real overlords in the Corporate Boardroom AROUND our incompetent and counterproductive middlemen. After all, we really want the same things.

Worthwhile, sucessful projects.

Ironically, our goals coincide perfectly with those art the very top of the entertainment food chain.

While those Developoment "Human Quality Filters" are in place, the only good projects will slip into the system by the law of averages and lucky accidents.

"It should be against the law for the word "Creative" to be in someone's job title unless they're actually fucking creative!"

-Rip Torn's " Artie" (Larry Sander's Show)

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