Re: The Fundamental Stupidity of Corruption

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Posted by Dave on April 05, 1999 at 01:54:21:

In Reply to: The Fundamental Stupidity of Corruption posted by Charles on April 04, 1999 at 22:40:58:

You are correct Charles. It would have been pretty stupid to flouridate water no one drinks. Oh, except the poor.

Look Charles, Iím all for discussing this but trying to relate any other political agenda to the animation nation agenda seems to be a bit questionable. What you call STUPIDITY seems to debatable and to be pretty inflamatory. I have had enough dealing with egoís to know that I donít need to call anyone STUPID to press my agenda forward. I am a questioning at this point of the desired outcome of all of this and Iím pretty tired of the pointing out of the obvious. There is no ďcorruptionĒ unless you call the entire film business corrupt since producers have been soaking the majors forever and Iím not surprised to know that that happens in animation. That isnít what is being discussed here . The appointment of people who know nothing about animated films to run them is. Waste of resources is. An unresponsive over marketing run industry is. Loss of any artistic control is. Again, it is pointing out the obvious to state it so now I will ask what exactly are options for solutions.

: After our meeting, I spent some time in conversation with a close friend. This fellow is an outstanding artist and a very dedicated, honorable gentleman. His activities in the movement to block the proposed flouridation and subsequent poisoning of our drinking water by the Los Angeles City Council has been an inspiration to me.

: During our discussion, he made an interesting remark. He began to explain to me the "fundamental stupidity of corruption" - it kills the environment that supports it.

: That's one of the reasons why I feel so optimistic about the future of our industry and our art. The corruption that we are currently forced to deal with will eventually destroy the environment in which it thrives.

: It will destroy itself while the adversity it has caused makes us stronger.


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