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Posted by Felipe Cerdán on April 03, 1999 at 23:15:32:

In Reply to: Meeting Update posted by Charles on April 01, 1999 at 22:52:25:

:first off Charles, i want to say thank you for putting this meeting together. i think many people in the field are fed up with the way the business is heading and this gathering was a promising step towards trying to change this situation. though many things were said and expressed i think we still need to try and find a way to get the studios to listen. yes, the artist owned studio is a viable and excellent solution, however, the studios are still gonna' play a major role in the distribution of jobs for another 5 - 10 years. besides, how long will it be ( heaven forbid ) before those studios turn into what they dreaded before? if anything is to be learned from this, is that history repeats itself unless we try to fix the problem at the source. remember, disney was an artist himself and even he turned into a monger after a while......

i think both options need to be explored. get those artist owned studios going. it would only benefit the animated community but at the same time get those cottonballs out the studio execs ears and MAKE them listen. enough is enough.

i'm still pretty green in this field, ( less than a year ) but i've seen what happens when you get people, or a person, who are passionate about the work being produced and do it the way they feel like it and make it known to the execs. i've been priveleged to be a part of the crew that's worked on what i and many of the people who worked on it feel will be a major eye opener to the industry, "The Iron Giant". this is what you get when you are heard. and if one man can do that ( in this case Brad Bird ), imagine what the our community can do if we got together and made our voice one loud, strong chorus.

i came up to you at the end of the meeting and said if you needed any help let me know. as i said i'm a young buck in this field, but what i'm not new at is getting involved and doing my part. if you need another voice for the chorus let me know.......i'm your man.......

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