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Posted by Tom B. on April 01, 1999 at 09:17:39:

In Reply to: A sacrifice must be made! posted by Ryan on March 29, 1999 at 17:58:42:

: Ive been reading this website and I think everyone has some great ideas about the industy and new solutions to these rising problems. But I believe there is one major issue that everyone so convienently denies. A sacrafice must be made on our parts. Lets face it, wages are high

Proof positive that executives are reading (and now posting to) this website. Do you have any concept how much money these films really make? U.S. Box office is only a SMALL portion of the incredible pile of money that these animated films are making. Why should we sacrifice our wages for choosing a profession that would pay us well?

The entertainment industry is NOT a secure one. No one can ever tell what the public wants or will be into from one year into the next. If you are too afraid of losing your job and would rather lick their $200 pair of shoes for 5.75 an hour why don't you get into something else. If you are not a producer in disguise (which I believe you are) then it is whimpering artists like yourself that are going to be responsible for destroying any semblance of a future we might have.

We certainly do not have to sacrifice our wages. This is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. I hope this is not the attitude of young artists out of college. Are all the students so afraid of not working that they want to take lower rates so that they can be sure of getting work consistently. We get more money BECAUSE the work is not consistent from year to year.

Obviously one may argue that the medical profession, being more noble than animation or any other type of entertainment related industry, should be getting higher wages. But do they have to worry every Monday morning how their film did the previous weekend? In other words, there will always be sick people who need care, but the hunger for animated films will ebb and flow from decade to decade. This is precisely the same argument that professional ball players get paid too much for just "playing a game." Due to the demands of the individual sports and the relatively short life-span of their careers, they NEED more money so that they can raise and support their families during the off-seasons. (In-between actual seasons AND when they are all washed up) Do you think Jim Carrey would take a cut in from his 20 million dollar salary so that he can be sure that he can work from day to day?

I wholeheartedly SUPPORT anyone who makes as much as they possibly can in a volatile industry. For those who are so insecure that they can't handle it, don't drag us down. McDonald's and Taco Bell are always hiring.

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