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Posted by Dave on April 01, 1999 at 02:14:56:

In Reply to: Re: Have Some Courage! posted by Dennis Lewis on March 29, 1999 at 22:12:35:

: : Hmm. Not everyone is in fear but not everyone is
totally gungho to attack with the same blind bravado that
we artists have been attacked with. My feeling is that
there are problems that need to be addresssed but not
without identifying specific individuals causing them. I
feel it is as important to support the good execs as weed
out the bad ones.

: Dave,

: Rather than weeding out good execs over bad ones how
about spending that energy by helping to create options
for artist. Giving them the opportunity to develop an
industry with enough independent projects and budget to
create an alternative employment. This seems to be what
Charles is promoting.

In otherwords the waste can go on as long as we give
artists an option to help avoid having to deal with the
actual problem. . You are ok with the crazy half ass
budgets that suck money into the void and leave artists
taking the blame as long as there is a safe haven to run
to. Is that what I am getting from this ?

: I think that Charles has made it very clear that this is
not some 'blind bravado' attack but, rather that the entire
situation of abuse is a known 'fact.' 

Now that is a problem of definition between us. Myself
I interpret Charles plea as one that calls for
sanity/accountability rather than just creating another
avenue. My point being it would be useless to create
another system until we knew how to fix the present
one.I also have no wish to isolate the good execs or
producers that need our support.

:Artist will have to face up to those facts and stand up for
what they believe in.

We are. It just may not be the same route that we all

:Charles at least has the courage to take on the challenge
and confront the issues head on while so many are not
even willing to deal with their most deepest fears (losing
their jobs).

Believe me I am totally for that but on the otherhand you
must understand that these artists are people. Some have
children and families and aren’t as free to put their living
at risk as we are. What exactly is your plan for them ?
Are you prepared to help them out with if they lose their
job over any of this ?

Some of us take stands everyday. We push issues and
talk the truth, but we do it knowing that the loss of
income isn’t as critical for us. Not everyone has that
luxury. You may tell me about “courage “ when you
have two children and wife who depend on you as the
sole income and you are willing to put their future on the
line . That my friend is “courage”. While Charles has
been great at raising the issue there hasn’t been anything
to lose from it, yet. If we are to take any direction it
must be constructive and not reactive or we exclude the
people who are not as free to toss about options as we
are. That is just my opinion and of course I enjoy the
illusion of greater security so mine is less worthy.

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