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Posted by Felipe Cerdán on March 31, 1999 at 08:36:45:

In Reply to: Re: Celebrity voice casting. posted by Dave on March 28, 1999 at 01:41:11:

: I agree with the the fact that voice casting in animated movies in recent years has gone on a silly route. I understand that the studios want to attach a name to their film, but to what extent? More often than not "MOVIE STARS" not "ACTORS" are brought in and the acting becomes flat. You cannot help but just imagine so and so reading the lines. In the end you get a dull character. There are exceptions of course ( Fiennes as Ramses in POE, Kline as Phoebus in Hunchback ) but other times you end up with characters such as Moore's Esmeralda or O'Donnel's ape in Tarzan ( ugh! ). I'm not justifying paying out the huge amounts to voice talent ( even if they are excellent ) but try to get people who will act and not just project themselves onto the character. Usually when broadway or stage actors are brought in they do a wonderful job, and they can sing as well. What's wrong with bringing them in more often?
In then end it comes down to common get a well developed story, execute the film well, bring in good "ACTORS" and along the way you produce a great film.

on a side note, i loved Stewart as Seti in POE. I mean with a voice that distinct and powerful ( as is James Earl Jones' ) you can't go wrong......

: So, did Toy Story bother you ? Tom Hanks, Annie Potts , Don Rickles on and on ? I think Iıve heard this one before but itıs hard to justify excluding people because they are well known. I have to say animating to Hellen and Ralph was pretty awesome. Personally I would have taken a cut in pay to have them.

: : I it just me, or does anyone else agree that using celebrities as animated characters is distracting and makes the character seem less original? I mean, when you're watching Prince o Egypt and you hear Patrick Stewart do you think " Hey, that's a great Pharoah" or do you think, as I did "That's the guy from Star Trek".
: : Not to mention the hefty fees the studios must fork over for voice talent with a pretty face that is never seen. I guess if the film goes overbudget we'll have to blame the animators, after all, the only thing they're good for is drawing the whole damn film.....

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