A sacrifice must be made!

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Posted by Ryan on March 29, 1999 at 17:58:42:

Ive been reading this website and I think everyone has some great ideas about the industy and new solutions to these rising problems. But I believe there is one major issue that everyone so convienently denies. A sacrafice must be made on our parts. Lets face it, wages are high. I even think that they are too high. If you wanna keep reading this article then you must purge yourself of all your greediness and come down to earth. I believe this is a reality. For the crunch of IRon Giant they hired on some inbetweeners at $1000 a week. Thats $52,000 a year! Entry Level posision! You dont even make that as a doctor your first year. Dont get me wrong, If you have paid your dues and deserve it, its rightfully yours. But you gotta earn that kind of money with alot of experience and a good reputation. It is starting to cost a whoppin amount of money to make a film and no wonder studios are so skitzy with there money lately. Now Im not saying we should all go in and demand lower wages. Any normal human will get as much as he/she can in a contract. But I do belicve that if animated movies didnt cost so much, there would be more of them. That would mean a more steady employment. There was some talk about the ideas of starting our own independent studios here in LA. There is no way a small independent studio can survive with the wages that are out there. Wages ARE going to drop. Thats a fact. I just hope the greed of a group of vocal spoild brats dont ruin it for us all. Thats the sacrafice were gonna have to make. I would take a pay cut for steady employment any day. Id be very interested in everyones comments to see if Im in agreeance with everyone.

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