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'Snowflake the White Gorilla' coming December 23, 2011 E-mail
Written by Charles   
Monday, 28 November 2011 17:23

More animation to enjoy is on cialis malaysia the way thanks to a film hailing from Spain. "Snowflake the White Gorilla" will be released for the Holiday Season. Directed by Andres G. Schaer, the movie follows the adventures of a white gorilla who is not accepted by the other animals at the buy levitra pills Barcelona Zoo because of the color of only for you buy clomid online no prescription his fur. He embarks on a journey to find a magic potion that will turn him into an ordinary black gorilla, and meets several friends along the way who help him escape the clutchs of the villain Luc de Sac. The CG animated gorilla is created by Muf Animaton and Filmax. The Forum topic is here and the trailer is below. Although it's in Spanish, you still get a good idea as to what's being communicated for those not familiar with the language.

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