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Snakebite Cortez sez... E-mail
Written by Charles   
Friday, 01 March 2013 21:01

A virtual insitution on order cheapest propecia online the AnimationNation Forums since 1999, Snakebite Cortez has recently begun to record videos and has been sharing them with us. An outspoken advocate of independence in the creative community, Snakebite's opinions are often contrarian and controversial compared to what the mainstream community may be feeling, yet what he has to say has wisdom and value. A veteran of both comics and animation he is renowned as a brilliant Photoshop artist, fashion designer, tattoo designer, event coordinator, gallery founder and all around bad boy in a good way. Follow this link to see more of his work.

Check out two of his latest videos. The first addresses his views on the current state of the VFX industry in Hollywood and the second addresses ideas for contracts for independent creators in work for hire situations. Snakebite pulls no punches so be aware...

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