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Qumarion - Animating with mannequins E-mail
Written by Charles   
Monday, 04 June 2012 22:35

Look at this fantastic new animation technology on the way. It's called Qumarion and propecia 1 mg on sale it's a fully articulated hand held mannequin that you can manipulate into poses that are directly connected to a rigged CG character. Qumarion is produced by Celsys, a Japanese company, along with SoftEther and ViVienne. Imagine what this technology will mean for digital animation programs such as Maya or for motion capture technology. Why learn Maya when you can start animating immediately with Qumarion. The possibilities are fascinating as we head into the future of the art. Thanks to longtime ANer and fight for what's right Snakebite Cortez of Petra Gallerie in Beverly Hills for bringing this to our attention via the Forum topic, where you can find more information about Qumarion as well as more video.

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